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Reverse Heaven (2018)

Reverse Heaven (2018)

Cheryl M. LynnDavid CarterBill CollardTim Dax
Stuart Paul


Reverse Heaven (2018) is a English movie. Stuart Paul has directed this movie. Cheryl M. Lynn,David Carter,Bill Collard,Tim Dax are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Reverse Heaven (2018) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

In 1990s Los Angeles, danger lurks around the corner after a freak accident leaves an undercover cop with supernatural abilities while also unleashing a horror that he must destroy before it destroys everything.

Reverse Heaven (2018) Reviews

  • Trash ...


    Total trash movie ,don't waste your time and don't fall for false reviews bad acting , crappy script and totally no fun .

  • Fun Retro 1990's Supernatural Cop Thriller


    From what vault did this film emerge? This movie is a total throwback to 1990's action hero flicks. Lethal Weapon meets Arnold Schwarzenegger with a dash of Jerry Lewis humor for good measure. The imperfect grainy picture and sound lends itself to the retro grindhouse movement made popular by Quinten Tarantino & Robert Rodriguez. There even appears to be miniature special fx work, which by todays measure seems all but gone in a world of digital creation. All special fx seem era appropriate. (in other words to not expect the latest high tech, expect what you would have seen circa 90's) The musical score is surreal. Big orchestra music pieces intertwined with a few newer aged rock and roll songs to pump adrenaline. Car chases, there are good ones! Classic cars. Who ever heard of a Dodge Challenger convertible? There is one starring in this film. :) Burt Ward? yes, the boy wonder, Burt Ward of the 1960's Batman & Robin. If you are a fan, he's here! Total cult classic type movie. Do not expect political correctness. Do expect nostalgia, fast cars, funny or not so funny one liners and classic Good vs. Evil Fun. I recommend.

  • Three stars for the hair minus one for the sea sickness


    I heard of a handheld camera action before.. I never before experienced a crew simulate a full blown storm on open sea with a camera that had no tripod. Seriously the frame jumps a clear 30 CMs up and down while viewing ALL THE TIME! Pretty impressive in some of the driving scenes.. How the heck did they get the car out to open sea? The production values are very low.. Most of the budget was clearly spent on the poster. The acting.. I guess its on par with the standard C fare movie.. Below B grade for sure..

  • deja vu


    A true blast from the past! I am not one that is nostalgia driven but I must say that this reminds me of movies from my distant past. This best captures the realism of the B movies of the 60's, that played at Saturday matinees, before the main feature. Back when you would go to the movies and see multiple shows for the price of a single ticket.

  • What did I just watch? not in a good way


    My quick rating - 1,4/10. Oh my, what did I just watch. I know this movie was trying really hard to be funny, seem like a grindhouse, clone "Lethal Weapon" and a bunch of other things but none of them happened. The camera work leaves you dizzy, first problem. The actors are absolutely horrible. I seriously think the writers gave a crayon to a 5 year old and had him/her write the plot, and then made it adult adding swear words. The editing was about as crisp as when I used to have to repair VHS tapes that had snapped when I worked at a video store and spliced the tape back together. Just scene/scene. WOW. The special effects were special all right, and not in the uplifting type way, more the way that you really can't believe these are effects at all. My brain hurts just trying to realize all the flaws in this movie without subjecting myself to think about it. I get what they wanted to do, but if you are going to be purposely bad, at least do it with ANY sense of humor.


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