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Lizzie (2012)

Lizzie (2012)

Caitlin CarmichaelAmanda BakerCorbin BernsenDon Swayze
David Dunn Jr.


Lizzie (2012) is a English movie. David Dunn Jr. has directed this movie. Caitlin Carmichael,Amanda Baker,Corbin Bernsen,Don Swayze are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2012. Lizzie (2012) is considered one of the best Horror,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A young woman reawakens evil forces in a house a notorious crime occurred.

Lizzie (2012) Reviews

  • One awful movie


    This movie must rank way up there as the worst ever. Haven't seen such bad acting, bad continuity, bad special effects, bad storyline...EVER. Why did anyone bother to make this film? What a waste of time, money and effort. I have never written a film review before as i never really felt strongly enough about one but this angered me to the extent that i must warn others not to spend their hard earned cash to sit through this poor excuse for a movie. It offers absolutely no entertainment value whatsoever. It got to the point where i was laughing at the ham-fisted acting, which really didn't take that long to be honest. There should be a 'no star' option for this flick. or maybe they should put in an option for 'minus stars'. If there was, this would get the maximum minus available.

  • the worst horror


    This is possibly the worst horror film I have ever watched. The overall acting was poor and the quality of the film was just not acceptable. As mentioned, the acting was terrible which was an automatic put off. I found myself cringing a lot at the acting when watching the film. It was truly awful. The actual story to the film never seemed to want to come together, it was as though it never wanted to build up any anticipation. I found myself waiting for the moment to be shocked or even scared but it never came at all. I was very disappointed and bored throughout the entire movie and I am positive that you will be as well.

  • Horrible - don't waste your time or money


    One of the worst movies I have ever seen, and I watch A LOT of movies. The acting was horrible and the story made no sense at all. And what was up with her drinking all the time?? I would not recommend this movie to anyone. I rarely dislike any movie that I have seen, but this one is about one of the worse I have watched. There was no continuity, I didn't care if any of the characters lived or died, and I couldn't wait for the end so I could stop watching it! And yes, I watched it to the end hoping that it would redeem itself (which it didn't, needless to say). Thank God I watched it on Netflix, because if I had paid money for this movie, I would be very upset.

  • Just simply not good


    Cannot agree with several other reviews. For me, sorry to say, this is just a poorly made movie. Got very tired of the many cut-away scenes, many, just not cogent. I do not mind watching movies just for some mindless fun and passing time. But, this was really wasting time. I rarely turn a movie off, just hoping it might show some promise by the end...sad to say, this one just kept going downward. Promising premise, but never delivered. Acting was poor. Felt the writing and editing poor. Some scenes outright laughable and not in a good way.

  • "I Squirted you!"


    My wife and I rented this from redbox and I can honestly and whole-heartedly say I feel I have been cheated out of a dollar. Still, I will say it was worth a laugh. Instead of forcing ourselves to suffer through this waste of 2 hours I'll never get back, we started making our own script and talking over the characters. Unfortunately, when this line happened: "I squirted you! You got my baby inside you now" we laughed so hard we don't really know what happened to the rest of the movie. I'm pretty sure the director got with his cast, wrote a bunch of plot twists on penises, and attempted to throw them into a bag across the room. They must have all made it because the final outcome was a bag of d***s. Oh and one more thing I found hilarious was the In Memory of Seann Flynn... All I can say is they must have hated this poor soul.... A lot. Sorry Seann


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