Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding

GENRES Romance
LANG English
TIME 2017
Andrea Bowen Nick Bateman Brooke Butler Adam Senn
Jake Helgren


Winter Wedding is a English movie. Jake Helgren has directed this movie. Andrea Bowen,Nick Bateman,Brooke Butler,Adam Senn are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Winter Wedding is considered one of the best Romance movie in India and around the world.

When family conflicts arise between happy couple Hallie and Lucas on the week before their big day, their plans for a breezy wedding in the tropics take a turn and their love is tested when they are forced to put on a small town winter wedding in the snow.

Winter Wedding Reviews

  • Not a good movie

    edisonwato-21050 2018-01-07

    This movie is not very good due to miscasting of the bride and groom. Also, the character of the bride's mother is awful. She needed to be put in her place much earlier in the story rather than continue to be a very negative and awful influence in the story line. Too much of the story line is take up by "making the mother happy" rather than what the couple's wishes are and what they want. I kept waiting for the daughter/bride to grow a spine but she never did before I turned it off. She was pathetic because she let her mother run over her and also for not supporting her fiance/. This movie was so bad I didn't finish watching it.

  • Coupling was off putting.

    KikiT4 2017-12-25

    I love most Hallmark movies and I did enjoy watching this but not as much as I would have with different actors. The two main characters were not suited to each other at all. The male lead was far too handsome for Andrea Bowen who is a very pretty girl but no where near pretty enough to be matched with the male, I kept thinking, why is he with her and not with someone like her best friend. I also couldn't understand why anyone would think the two choices of wedding dress were nice in any way. They looked cheap- like a supermarket wedding dress. Definitely not a dress that someone who came from a rich family would wear. This was a big fail for the wardrobe department and they were also very on the lovely Andrea. I hated the mum character- she was horrible to everyone but loved the dance scene in the barn- it put a smile on my face. The other two parents had great chemistry and looked to be very much in love,

  • Irritating.

    t-mccheyne 2018-11-04

    The bride to be is so annoying, spineless and gives in too easily to everyone. How can you get married when you don't even know yourself and your own mind. Her mother should have been told to back off well before half way through, if not by the daughter, by her husband. There is no chemistry here, I think because of the brides shallow attitude. Gosh if you had a man like that love you you'd get married anywhere.

  • Spoiled and self absorbed

    jaimeolsz 2018-12-26

    This was one of the most infuriating movies I've ever seen. It was beyond just a bad hallmark movie. The characters, especially the bride's mother, were nothing but selfish, spoiled, narcissistic and self-absorbed people with screwed up priorities. The bride's mother is too worried about forcing her own dream down her daughter's throat and acting like she's better than everyone else to realize what an absolute snob she is. She constantly insults the groom's parents and lied to her daughter for years because getting married in Cabo is obviously the most important thing in the world. When that venue didn't work out, she stomped around like a baby and they decided to have a last minute wedding at the groom's parents completely inferior cabin, which was actually a beautiful place to everyone except for the bride's snob of a mother. People actually showed up for the wedding with 24-48 hours notice then they sent everyone home because the Cabo venue became available! Really?! The next day they continue to complain about their rich people problems while they struggle with the tough decision about where to get married. Everyone keeps coddling the bride's mother because they know how tough this is for her. Ohhh, you mean the "problem" that she created entirely herself?! Then they decided to get married at the cabin anyway. If you like awful movies about horrible snobs, this one's for you.

  • Slow and predictable.

    krasen007 2019-04-21

    Typical film for TV, could be a 100 serie drama. Everything is very slow. The characters discuss the same topic too many times with one another. Seems inspired by The Bold and the Beautiful. This movie is not for men to watch.


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