Who Gets the Dog?

Who Gets the Dog?

GENRES Comedy Romance
LANG English
TIME 2016
Ryan Kwanten Alicia Silverstone Randall Batinkoff Matty Ryan
Huck Botko


Who Gets the Dog? is a English movie. Huck Botko has directed this movie. Ryan Kwanten,Alicia Silverstone,Randall Batinkoff,Matty Ryan are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Who Gets the Dog? is considered one of the best Comedy,Romance movie in India and around the world.

A couple going through a divorce squabble over custody of their beloved dog.

Who Gets the Dog? Reviews

  • A feel good movie

    skyloche 2016-09-15

    This isn't going to win an Oscar or an Emmy but I really enjoyed it. It's a silly funny movie. Nothing to take to serious. It's been years since I've seen Alicia Silverstone. If your going in expecting to be wowed you might be disappointed. It's about two people who are splitting up and who both really love their dog. Who gets dog. And it's nice to see Ryan Kwanten in something else besides true blood. They both do well in the movie. If you've watched Marley and Me with Owen Wilson and Jennifier Aniston and you liked it. Then it's a good indication you'll like this one as well. For what it is... I think it's a good movie. You'll walk away from this feeling good.

  • Entertaining and fun. Great family movie. Fun to see Alicia Silverstone back in action!

    stacybuss 2016-10-04

    Our family very much enjoyed this movie. Great shots of Chicago. Very cute dog. Great chemistry between the lead actors. Has a "Mrs. Doubtfire" feel and good message. We liked the story line and appreciated the wholesome humor that appealed to both our kids and us as adults. Will definitely watch again. My kids loved the hockey scenes. You frequently see this category of movie made anymore. Dog lovers will love it. Funny supporting actors brought levity and humor to several scenes. Look forward to more movies like theses from these writers - did a great job of making it all funny and believable. Surprised that this movie didn't make it to theaters. Would have loved to see something non-animated that appeals to kids and adults alike.

  • Nothing special

    nicki-h-harris 2017-08-09

    I am always impressed when a terrible idea get's greenlit, funded, and filmed. This movie was one of those unfortunate surprises and I just can't understand who pitched this seriously, but more so, who took the pitch seriously. A couple breaking up is not really funny to begin with, and where this tried to be funny it just was not. The movie is forgettable and I would not watch it again. It's a darn shame because I am a big fan of a lot of the actors and I am crossing my fingers that I will see them in better projects soon because they deserve that.

  • Rom-Com Becomes Tedious

    larrys3 2016-10-27

    Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find a whole lot of humor in this romantic comedy, starring Alicia Silverstone and Ryan Kwanten. Having marital problems, they're in the process of separating, yet they equally love their dog Wesley and can't seem to reach any compromise as to where Wesley should end up. Thus, they begin a custodial court battle for their dog, which, in my opinion, just seems to drag on and even get quite tedious. Although the leads' passions for Wesley seem genuine, this weak scripted movie never seemed to gel into a funny or enjoyable film, and by the time the predictable ending occurred I really wasn't that interested anymore.

  • A cute watch and a must see for any dog lover

    Sweetigal85 2018-05-19

    My husband and I LOVE dogs so when we came across this on netflix it was a must watch for us. Any dog lover should definitely love this movie. I am personally a big nostalgia fan of Alicia Silverstone too and she looks great even after all these years. The guy playing her husband was extremely sweet and nice to look at as well! As much as I like this movie, I did not love it as I thought I would. The title and trailer seemed to suggest that this couple are clearly dog people. There is a new phenomenon of childless couples by choice who choose to focus on each other and their animals who they treat as their children. This is what I thought we were watching but apparently not. The couple from the very beginning are clearly strained and they tell their beloved dog that "mommy and daddy are getting a divorce." I assumed that the trouble in their relationship stemmed from something simple like over money or loss of love over time due to work and stress. My husband and I were dismayed to discover by the end that the conflict stemmed from the husband not wanting to start a family. I really wish this movie was just about the three of them and not about any baby drama. They seemed to love their dog enough that they did not need children. And the movie seemed to vilify the husband and absolve her of any blame which I did not like. Were we really supposed to view him as the bad guy just because he was passionate about his job and life with her? The fact that she and the dog were enough for him really warrants her labeling him the bad guy? Regardless, this movie is definitely worth a watch and maybe a second watch after an extended amount of time. I just wish it had been about them and the dog and no one else.



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