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Turbulent Skies (2010)

Turbulent Skies (2010)

Casper Van DienBrad DourifNicole EggertPatrick Muldoon
Fred Olen Ray


Turbulent Skies (2010) is a English movie. Fred Olen Ray has directed this movie. Casper Van Dien,Brad Dourif,Nicole Eggert,Patrick Muldoon are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2010. Turbulent Skies (2010) is considered one of the best Action,Adventure,Drama,Sci-Fi,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A new airplane that's equipped with a new computer that can fly the plane on its own is about to have its first flight. When the son of the owner decides to upload more software, he doesn't bother to check if there are any viruses with it. And he also invites some potential investors to try it. So the plane appears to be working well but suddenly it veers off course and it can't be shut down. When the military learns of this, they fear of something happening over a populated area and decide to shoot it down along with everyone on board. The man who built the computer whose wife is among the passengers thinks if he can get on board so that he might be able to shut it down and regain control of the plane. So the military using a new plane gets him on board. But what he didn't know is that both pilots are incapacitated so there's no one who can fly the plane.


Turbulent Skies (2010) Reviews

  • Truly woeful


    Oh Lord! Another dreadful, cliché ridden, air disaster film. I laughed all the way through.It made Airplane look like a Shakespearean production. Even if you never worked in the airline industry (as I did) you could not help but notice the many glaring inaccuracies. At least I got to see it for free on HBO. I wouldn't have been laughing so much if I had paid to see it in a cinema. I often wonder if actors really know what their signing up for when they agree to do films like this, or are they just desperate for the money! You also have to wonder who the technical adviser was for this disaster of a disaster film... Oh hang on, maybe it was meant to be a comedy??!!

  • don't waste your time


    The worst movie that I have seen in several years. Not interesting enough to watch to see how bad it is. Your time would be better spent knitting while listening to old Lawrence Welk broadcasts. It is unfortunate that the star of Staship Trooper had to stoop to this level. The only redeeming value was seeing an SR71 in action although it made only a limited appearance. This films budget should have been donated to the Haitian relief effort. I saw the movie on Cinemax during prime time slot. How a pay cable channel plans on staying in business with this kind of presentation in the seven pm time slot is beyond my understanding.

  • So substandard that you should see it to believe it


    This was broadcasted by commercial TV RTL who apparently have the distribution right and released it in Holland a few weeks ago. We estimated the movie to be from the '80's or earlier given the pathetic "special effects" (well, they were special - I'm sure my two 11 year's old nephews could have matched the computer art work easily). But it appeared to be brand new. The acting looked like it was some kind of parody on something but as nothing was funny we think it wasn't. The story, ...never mind. Goofs are sometimes hard to find but in this movie they are just common. The writer must never have been in a plane let alone the cockpit of it. The 4 is because it's so bad that you should see it to believe and that makes it funny in a way.... Dick & Elke

  • Is this a joke?


    This movie was meant as comedy? Rarely seen a movie worse than this. The text is like those from a bad soap opera, the camera work fits in exactly. The timeline in the film is utter nonsense. An aircraft that already was flying for an hour by 700 miles is within two minutes passed by an aircraft that had to come from across the country. The acting is not much better. Unlikely characters, real silly technicalities. Top of the nonsense is the change in mid-air through a fuel hose in a commercial airliner by a simple door. A waste of time to watch this movie. Probably this film was meant seriously but there is really nothing good to say about it. Maybe you should approached this as a parody .

  • airplane disaster movie


    The reviews for this movie are wholly inaccurate, it wasn't as good as that, Airplane disaster movies are hard to get right and the makers of this one didn't try very hard. The acting is truly dreadful. Possibly because the actors involved thought "thought what's the point? The only way for our careers to survive this load of utter tosh is for it to be totally forgettable" The mistakes are glaring, Push three wires into a hole in the console and hey presto the radio is working again ( I think I saw something similar in an episode of Mr, Bean, and that got a big laugh) Then, with the help of the air traffic controller, a course change, a push down on the yolk , a gear down, ( in fact I'm not sure if he even told her how to put the gear down… he just said…. Put the gear down. ) an unqualified woman flying the plane does a text book landing. This is a movie that is well worth missing.


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