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Tucked (2018)

Tucked (2018)

Derren NesbittJordan StephensApril PearsonSteve Oram
Jamie Patterson


Tucked (2018) is a English movie. Jamie Patterson has directed this movie. Derren Nesbitt,Jordan Stephens,April Pearson,Steve Oram are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Tucked (2018) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

TUCKED is a raw and tender drama about an aging 80 year old drag queen who forms an unlikely friendship with a younger queen, both struggling with their own issues of gender identity and mortality. As they discover more about each other, they realize how to truly be themselves. It's a 'slice of life' drama about love, loss and friendship; a feel good film with a great charm and sense of humour.


Tucked (2018) Reviews

  • A beautiful and powerful portrayal of love, loss & lipstick - highly recommend!


    I was lucky enough to catch this film at the BFI Flare LGBTQI+ film festival and despite being intrigued by the synopsis, I wasn't fully prepared for how moving a film I was in for. This is a mesmerising, heartwarming & wry tale of friendship, family, gender fluidity, life choices and much more - all wrapped up in a superbly shot and exquisitely balanced story. The local setting and framing of the reality, mundanity and beauty of the leads' existence really shines in the directing and camerawork with some of the shots literally taking my breath away on the cinema screen. One closeup of a hairy knee through fishnets actually bought me to tears. The witty and nuanced script is superb and lifted even higher by Nesbitt on blistering form as the ageing performer, with Jordan Stephens holding his own in the emotional scenes as his young ward. The whole cast really sinks its teeth into the tale and those moments are great, but at its core, this is a vehicle for Nesbitt to show why he should have had many more lead roles in his brilliant career and thanks to the director, Jamie Patterson, he finally gets that moment and runs with it. All in all this is a beautiful, timely, unique masterpiece which I can only hope gets the wide audience it deserves. Highly recommended!

  • Everyone needs a little faith.


    Tucked (2018) is an English movie written and directed by Jamie Patterson. The film stars Derren Nesbitt as Jackie, a straight man who performs as a woman at a nightclub. He's not just Jackie, as he tells us. He's "The one and only Jackie." Within the first few minutes of the movie, we learn that Jackie has a particularly aggressive form of cancer. His physician tells him to ease back a little, but naturally that's exactly what Jackie doesn't want to do. Enter Jordan Stephens as Faith, a new performing artist at the club. We're never sure if Faith is straight or gay, and that's the way he wants it. He's very talented, and he certainly could be successful, especially after Jackie takes him under his wing. There's a subplot about Jackie's estranged daughter, which is predictable, but works well enough. Actually, the entire film is fairly predictable. We know the beginning and we know the end. What makes the film work is what happens along the way. It helps that the acting is truly outstanding. We learn to care about both Jackie and Faith and to care about exactly what will happen next. We saw this movie at Rochester's great Little Theatre, as part of the outstanding Image Out, the Rochester LGBT Film Festival. It will work well on the small screen. This movie has too few IMDb ratings to be meaningful, and I believe that I'm the first IMDb reviewer. So . . . you'll have to take my word for it that Tucked is worth seeing. Or, as Faith says, "Everyone needs a little faith."

  • Engaging performances in a unique and moving story about gender, age and loss.


    A film that left me both lifted and moved at the end. This odd couple story delivers characters with depth and empathy and, refreshingly, an honest view of Brighton and the characters you can find there. Highly recommended!

  • Amazing!


    An amazing story about friendship and about sweet and hard moments in life. Clever script and marvellous acting. The photograpy is great. The main caracter is particularly interesting. I love this film and I highly recommend it.

  • better than torch song triology....??actually mmmmyess


    Well, i did not expect an outcome of these proportions of a film of this genre. its about an elderly man, who has loved to crossdress for well over 50 years, and has been in the entertainment business as a drag queen for many of those years. we are all invited in from the day he gets the ticket to neverland from his doctor, and how he is battling through the last path of life ,the good and the bad. you wont believe it but this film made me laugh like never before, and at the end nearly crying my eyes out. its tucked full of jokes and real drag humour on stage, and will engulf you for the rest of your life because the message are so brilliantly acted out by derren nesbitt that im sure your toes will culr themselves in your sucks, and with a fresh and juicy language tells the drag'sters way of life and thinking.. you are really acting like an oscar candidate mr.nesbitt,believe it or not...... the technical product, are basically near perfect, and the make up and dress department has done a great job. what haunts me a little are some of the close up camera angles , but thats just a few times, and wont shake this tenner into a niner.very well done indeed, as mr. nesbitt would say.... so the grumpy old man thinks, wether you are gay, strait, crosser, transvestite,lesbian or dragster, religous or atheist, watch this movie, it will crush your heart, and most surtainly crash your thoughts about a dragsters life. its a ten with a recommend


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