The Ring

The Ring

GENRES TV Movie Drama Romance
LANG English
TIME 1996
Nastassja Kinski Michael York Rupert Penry-Jones Carsten Norgaard
Armand Mastroianni


The Ring is a English movie. Armand Mastroianni has directed this movie. Nastassja Kinski,Michael York,Rupert Penry-Jones,Carsten Norgaard are the starring of this movie. It was released in 1996. The Ring is considered one of the best TV Movie,Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

During WW II, a young German woman is separated from her family and imprisoned by the Nazis. After being freed she falls in love with and marries a German officer. When Berlin falls to the Russians, and her husband killed, she flees to America, carrying his unborn child, all the while not giving up hope that she will find her family, tied together by her mother's ring.


The Ring Reviews

  • This is such a guilty pleasure...

    Liza-19 2003-06-25

    I just happened to catch this on TV - seeing the name Nastassja Kinski always makes me want to watch, but seeing the name Danielle Steel always makes me worry... There was nothing to worry about. This was a wonderful miniseries, brought to life by a good story and fabulous actors. Nastassja Kinski is wonderful, and she is the perfect choice for Ariana. I'm sure the role rang very true for her, owing to the fact that her parents were this age in Berlin during World War II. In fact in the story, her brother flees the country afraid of being drafted into the Nazi army, and in real life Nastassja's father, (actor Klaus Kinski) WAS drafted into the German army. Nastassja brings real depth to the character and the casting director should thank their lucky stars that she accepted the role. The casting was wonderful the whole way around: Michael York, Jon Tenney, and Elizabeth Barondes are all fantastic. The story is corny - but it's Danielle Steel, what do you expect? ;) But what I have to tell you is I sat down, meaning to check out the first ten minutes - and after five minutes I was completely hooked. By the end of the first episode I was shocked to see that I didn't know what the heck was going to happen, and that I actually cared! I was back there the next day, with my kleenex, and loved every minute of it. There are a few things lacking in this miniseries. The actress that played Gerhard's wife just made me want to bang my head against a wall, and I thought that subplot carried on much longer than was necessary. Other than that though, this is a movie you will get involved in. The whole situation with Ariana's second husband is just heartbreaking, and frankly, I'm still upset about it! I can't believe I'm admitting it, but this is a movie that you can really get into. Don't let the name Danielle Steel stop you from seeing an actually very good film. Great cast, great acting, a bit of a cheesy script, but such terrific performances that you don't care!

  • Powerful Film

    buttlerk 2006-04-17

    I have been a fan of Danielle Steele since I was a teenager! I haven't read her books in a long time and "The Ring" was not something that I have read. I came across that movie on cable as I was channel surfing ironically the night my ex-fiancée received my engagement ring back. I just saw the title and it caught my eye. Once I saw the important scene in the beginning I was hooked! This miniseries was well done portraying Nazi Germany. I took a class in College on that topic and hardly any movies made about World War II go into the lives of people on the German side the focus is more on the Allies. It portrayed how a family who were the Elite during the war were at the same time against it I'm sure they were people like the family portrayed in the film. The heroine was very brave as she gracefully went through to survive her struggles after having many tragedies occur in a short period of time. I hope to read the book since the story seems very fascinating.The casting was sensational!

  • The Greatest Tear-Jerker Ever

    none-85 2005-03-31

    This movie has got to be the greatest tear-jerker I've ever seen. Natassja Kinski is magnificent. She is one beautiful and talented actress. All of the supporting actors and actresses are excellent and well cast. The re-creation of the environment in Nazi Germany in the 30s and 40s is right on; the cinematography is very good, especially for a TV movie. The film is a little long- 180 minutes- as it was originally shown as a two-part TV movie. However, it moves fairly well, and you're always wondering what will come next. The only negative (minor) is that Nastassja's character could have been aged more realistically. It's one of Nastassja's finest roles. I recommend it highly.

  • Extremely soppy, but a bit more watchable than it should have been.

    Victor Field 2003-02-23

    Caution is usually advised when a movie with the words "Danielle" and "Steel" in the title is on, and "Danielle Steel's The Ring" is no exception. Going from laughable to mildly watchable, this two-parter sees Nastassja Kinski as the grown-up daughter of a wealthy German couple - the female part of which committed suicide after the Nazis killed her Jewish lover - whose life falls apart in the wake of WWII; separated from her father and brother, loses her lover in the fall of Berlin, goes to the US disguised as a Jew... Though the beautiful Miss Kinski is for most of the film at least ten years too old for her role (given a hand by the cinematographer), she holds this often ridiculous tale together - too many coincidences and silly dialogue make it hard to take seriously, and Michel Legrand's score works overtime to fill in what the plot and in some cases the actors don't provide. (The actress playing our heroine's brother's wife is a particularly strong liability.) And yet, somehow I had to admit the conclusion did work... or maybe I'm just a big softy at heart. Not a must, but not as unbearable as I had thought it would be.

  • One of Danielle Steel's Finest Stories.

    vkmunn 2006-03-02

    Natashja Kinski provides a wonderful and inspiring performance of this tear jerker. A truly great performance for a made-for-TV movie. All the supporting roles were acted magnificently and appeared to be historically correct. I paid less than $7.00 for this 3 hour gem from Columbia House. I was born at the start of WWII and can relate to this masterpiece. Danielle Steel has created another great story and I have enjoyed collecting over 16 of her dramas on DVD. My only regret was Michael York's character was killed off too early in the film. However the drama and suspense of the siblings separation holds the drama together with suspense until the end.



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