The Missing Paper (2016)

The Missing Paper (2016)

Marco LeonardiCaterina MurinoTomas AranaFederica Martinelli
Renzo Martinelli


The Missing Paper (2016) is a English movie. Renzo Martinelli has directed this movie. Marco Leonardi,Caterina Murino,Tomas Arana,Federica Martinelli are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. The Missing Paper (2016) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

On June 27th 1980 a DC9 belonging to the private Italian airline ITAVIA disappears from the radar screens without launching any emergency signal and crashes between the islands of Ponza and Ustica. Eightyone persons died. The hypotheses on the disappearance of the DC9 are three: structural failure, a bomb in the rear toilet of the plane, or an air-to-air missile which struck the civil aircraft by mistake during a battle between unidentified military fighters. Roberta Bellodi, a Sicilian journalist who lost her daughter on that night, and Corrado di Acquaformosa, a Deputy in the Italian Parliament, member of the Commission set up to throw light on the crash of DC 9, try to find out the truth, entangling themselves in a labyrinth of cover-ups, disappearance of proofs and key witnesses. Their researches lead them to a fourth, bloodcurdling hypothesis.


The Missing Paper (2016) Reviews

  • A bad movie about one of the biggest mystery in the Italian's recent history


    Ustica was a big mystery in the Italian recent history, so the idea to do a movie based on what happened it's at least a good idea. And this maybe it's the better part of the movie. The story moves across the events lived by 3 mains characters that during the movie explains what it supposed to be happened at Ustica. Let's start to analyze the movie. Director work it's weak your are not taken away with the story and as well as storytelling seems a bad TV show of the 90's. No visually nice shot, nothing special on the pathos and storytelling..really seems a bad TV shows. And if you consider the subject, if you don't have any pathos anything that make you stuck on the's very bad. Editing is quite bad too. Female cast it's also weak with too much overacting or bad interpretations that you don't believe very much. Male cast it's better than female cast, with Tomas Arana (that isn't playing the main character) better of all, also it's character cynical and detached it's the most believable. Costumes and choreography it's good and bring you back to the 80's, it's very believable. What it's really terrible are visual is possible to produce such a bad quality in this years? A couple of shot's are OK but the rest seems done too in the 90's..some fighter dogfight shots really seems a video game of more than 15 years ago. I know that visually speaking it's challenging to produce nice images on this subject..but really they are really bad done. And what surprise more than all it's that this movie it's nominee for best visual effects for David's Donatello it's possible? So in the end you can watch this movie for the idea to watch something about one of the biggest mystery on the Italian's recent years but after that it's a really bad movie that seems done in any aspect at least 20 years ago.

  • Idiotic and disgusting conspiracy theory


    Conspiracy theories usually depend on a couple of logical fallacies. This film manages to deploy every logical fallacy known. It is exploitive of the victims and their families. I suggest anyone wanting to research this bombing google: Frank Taylor Lessons from Ustica Investigation. Every single claimed inconsistency or evidence of a conspiracy this junk film contains has been long debunked. This airliner was destroyed by a bomb placed in the rear toilet, and with a virtual certainty done so by the Abu Nidal, Hezbollah or associated group just as Mohammed Rashed. If there was ever any "cover up" it was the Carter administration failure to acknowledged that they had bungled a number if intelligence operations in tracking several known Arab terrorist cells.


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