The House on Sorority Row (1982)

The House on Sorority Row (1982)

Kate McNeilEileen DavidsonJanis WardRobin Meloy
Mark Rosman


The House on Sorority Row (1982) is a English movie. Mark Rosman has directed this movie. Kate McNeil,Eileen Davidson,Janis Ward,Robin Meloy are the starring of this movie. It was released in 1982. The House on Sorority Row (1982) is considered one of the best Horror,Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A group of girls staying at a sorority house clash with the house's owner, who wants them out. They decide to play a prank on her, but it goes awry and she winds up dead. Panicking, the girls try to hide the body, but someone (or something) witnessed the crime and begins to stalk them.

The House on Sorority Row (1982) Reviews

  • "You like getting people wet, don't you?"


    Better than average slasher flick about a group of sorority babes who accidentally kill someone during a prank and try to cover it up. Later they're murdered one by one by until the inevitable 'final girl vs the killer' showdown all these things seem to have. It's a good movie of its type with some humor and gore (although probably not enough to appeal to gore hounds). Starts out with some Miss Marple-type music that, back in the day, had me double-checking the VHS label to make sure I had the right movie. The cast is pretty good, with early roles for Eileen Davidson and Harley Jane Kozak, and a nice leading role for Kate McNeil. My favorite scenes are Eileen Davidson showing off her breasts and the Sea Pig scene. Given her age you would assume Lois Kelso Hunt (playing the sorority's house mother) was a seasoned pro, but her acting is so bad that she's outshined by everyone in the cast. Even the Sea Pig. There's also a corny band that screams 1980s. It's a fun movie, if you like '80s slashers (which, I assume you do or else why would you be watching this). Might lose a little punch if you've seen a lot of similar movies that came after. Oh, and avoid the 2009 sort-of remake at all costs. It's garbage.

  • "The House On Sorority Row:" A House Worth Visiting


    "The House On Sorority Row" is above your average slasher flick. It's up there with "Halloween's" followers like "Friday the 13th," "Prom Night," "My Bloody Valentine" and "Sleepaway Camp." Unlike most slice-and-dice movies, "The House On Sorority Row" actually has a plot, some good acting from the cast, a mysterious killer, and it's not that bloody. The plot revolves around the 7 girls of Theta-Pi sorority: Katey, Vicki, Liz, Diane, Stevie, Jeanie and Morgan. At the end of their college days, the Thetas decide to have one last fling before they go. However, their evil house mother, Mrs. Slater, is willing to do anything to stop the festivities. But that doesn't mean that the Thetas don't have a plan of their own. They decide to pull a very cruel prank on Mrs. Slater, which is guaranteed to work perfectly. But the prank goes too far, and it results in Mrs. Slater's death. Afraid that the police will suspect them, the girls hide Mrs. Slater's body in the pool. They will have their party and will get rid of the corpse in the morning. Unfortunately, somebody knows what they did, and that person decides that they're going to make the girls of Theta-Pi pay for what they did. "The House On Sorority Row" is very similar to "Prom Night" and "I Know What You Did Last Summer." However, "Prom Night" and its successor were there before the 1997 box-office smash. The cast is well-chosen with Kate MacNeil as Katey, Eileen Davidson as Vicki, and the rest of the sorority girls are not bad. "The House On Sorority Row" does have its flaws, but they are only minor. One of the girls has almost zero lines of dialogue, the film drags just a little bit, and it's so obvious that Lois Kelso Hunt's(who played Mrs. Slater) voice is entirely dubbed, since director Mark Rosman says that her voice was not scary enough for the role. But I did not pay attention to these issues, and I really enjoyed the movie. The result: Sometimes, what a slasher fan needs is a little bit more than just a hack-em-up film. Some genre fanatics might look for a slasher-thriller. "The House On Sorority Row" is that movie. It offers suspense, a little bit of gore, some of the inevitable female nudity, good characters and a creepy villain. Not to be missed. ***

  • an above average slasher film!


    The House on Sorority Row is one of the better tales of vengeance in the slasher genre. Sorority girls pull a prank on their house mother, only for her to end up dead and the girls left in a world of trouble. They believe they have covered up the crime, but when night falls someone begins to seek murderous revenge against the sorority sisters. Questions abound, but will anyone be left alive to answer them? Between director Mark Rosman and a decent cast, this low-budget horror tale rises above many of it's kind. Rosman makes the most of the filming locations while nicely adding stylistic touches to the film with good camera work and some nice imagery. He creates some truly effective moments of psychological horror, as well as physical (with some occasional bloody moments). Ultimately the film manages to build to some good suspense and a claustrophobic finale! Also of note is the lavishly wonderful music score, which provides some beautiful and haunting themes for the film. A worthy (and under exposed) horror outing for genre fans! Check it out. *** out of ****

  • A creepy slasher movie. Positive nostalgia.


    "The House On The Sorority Row" came in the right moment; the early 80's. The "Friday the 13th" franchise commanded the slasher explosion by 1983. Tons of slasher movies were released but only few are still in the memory of horror fans. "House On The Sorority Row" may be one of those films that are still remembered and recurred for some slasher fun. The plot is somewhat inspired by Friday the 13th. The movie starts with Ms. Slater giving birth to a boy... Sadly, she has to abort due to some difficulties. Twenty years later (or more)Ms. Slater -now the owner and director of a sorority house for girls-is killed by the sorority girls. The girls killed her accidentally as they were planning a prank on her. These girls try to hide Ms. Slater's dead body outside the house. Unfortunately to them, the body disappears and suddenly these girls and their boyfriends start to disappear. One by one, these teens are brutally murdered inside and near the Sorority house. Katie Rose (one of the girls that had to do with the murder) finds 2 dead people and believes that Ms. Slater didn't die and now is doing the murders. Katie goes with the Doctor that 20 years witnessed Ms. Slater's abortion. To Katie's surprise, the Doctor confessed that the child didn't die and probably is living inside the house. Katie and her boyfriend especulate that Ms. Slater's son watched her mother being killed and now is taking revenge. Katie realizes that her friends are still on the house and their lives are in risk. Could it be that Ms. Slater came from the grave and is taking revenge? Is it possible that Ms. Slater's son is alive? Katie and her boyfriend return to the house to solve the mystery and stop the killing spree. Witness one of the most shocking and terrorific endings in slasher cinema. "House On The Sorority Row" delivers a great slasher experience as it's gory, suspenful, and very well directed. The acing and fun factor are interesting as you can imagine the outcome of the movie but you're never sure about it. The best thing about the movie is the creepy atmosphere. You can say the girls are terrorized while being inside the dark, big house. This movie was the producer's first and last experiece in the industry. I think these people had a good potential in the genre. This movie is buried in the slasher cementery, just behind the precursor franchises of the genre. 4/10 Overall. On the slasher rating: 7/10

  • This House Rocks


    I caught this movie on VHS in the early 90s, having Missed it in the 80s I don't know how? I just re-watched it tonight, and I must say YES its a typical 80s slasher movie but it has great Humor and great suspense and A really creepy Killer.The music just adds to the suspense and mood. And you have to love 4 out of 5 Doctors, the house band at the girls party! Just check out that dudes hair!If you like your Horror served straight up ...and you are tired of what Hollywood has been releasing as suspense/horror these days, go rent HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW, pop some popcorn, turn out the lights, and put on some candles, just don't watch it alone,especially on a College campus!


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