The Head Hunter

The Head Hunter

GENRES Horror Fantasy
LANG English
TIME 2019


The Head Hunter is a English movie. has directed this movie. are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. The Head Hunter is considered one of the best Horror,Fantasy movie in India and around the world.

A warrior travels wild expanses on horseback, pursuing the monster that murdered his daughter. His thirst for revenge is the driving force of a film constructed with very few elements, minimalistic and epic at the same time, where fantasy and horror find their more physical and gory incarnations (synopsis in the 2018 Sitges Filmfestival programme catalogue).


The Head Hunter Reviews

  • A new standard for low budget movies

    thomaset 2019-04-08

    The visuals are amazing, you wouldn't guess this movie is shot on such a low budget. Story and character is paper thin but that's kind of the point. It's not about the action but the main character and his journey. The film is indeed a horror fantasy but it also plays as a mystery, the cuiorsity of what happened is what keeps you watching. The lead actor does a phonemeal job with only his expressions and without much dialogue. The last 20 minutes are a bit of a downgrade in regards to the rest of the movie but I would still recommend. The ending will stick with you long after you've finsihed watching it. It's a monumental task to try to create a fantasy movie on a low budget since the genre requires a lot of expensive visuals but this is a more than worthwhile effort, I hope more movies are made in this style.

  • Don't be too quick to judge!! For a 30K budget I am blown away!

    mariostew 2019-04-08

    I give it a 10 to balance out these 1 star ratings from people that found this movie and expected a game of thrones multi-million dollar production full of fight scenes. What you get in my eyes is different but just as gratifying. As many here have also agreed, this is a slow burn and a movie that you can throw your imagination into. The music, the story, acting and cinematography are simple and beautiful. Simple to me is a great achievment nowadays, stepping back and fully letting yourself be immersed in this vikings world, listening to the amazing soundtrack and the stunning visuals is enough to put a smile on your face. If you are a fan of art and movies you will find that this one will not disapoint. The effort and love that went into the making is noticeable on screen. You guys had me emotionally gripped the whole movie and the ending really cemented a beautiful journey. Thank you and please make more movies like this

  • Don't read the reviews, just see it for yourself!

    jereniemonen 2019-04-07

    Gotta love these IMDb reviews from people who know nothing and rate every Marvel movie 10/10. "nO mOnStEr FiGhTs So I gIvE 1/10". You can't expect stuff like that from a low budget film like this. This film was unique, it had cool landscapes, great cinematography and ending that I wasn't expecting. I would love to see more of this type of dark medieval movies in the future but with bigger budget. This was a very small-scale film. There's just 1 actor, very little dialogue and you don't actually see him fight the monsters, only the aftermath. For a low budget movie this didn't look that cheap though. I loved the look of the setting, gloomy atmosphere and the monsters heads looked really good.

  • I See No Low Budget.

    Lilthlee 2019-04-09

    This was a beautifully shot almost silent film. Fantasy Viking mission on a hunt for Troll Beast. Avenging the death of his daughter you're brought into his world. Angst, pain and you feel every minute of it the actor brings you there 100% the creators of this film knew how to use their low-budget to there advantage. DO NOT MISS

  • A must-see for any old school pen and paper RPG fans!

    reggae-32888 2019-04-09

    After reading the polarized reviews, it seems that people either really loved or really hated this movie. I have to say I'm definitely one of the former. Having only watched the trailer once beforehand, I didn't have any huge expectations or preconceived notions about what the film should be. A lot of the negative reviews seem to be from people who wanted something different from the movie rather than stopping to enjoy it for what it was. I'm sure it's just a coincidence that a lot of the low reviews are also riddled with grammatical errors and poor sentence structure. While a lot of the positive reviews are from people who don't write monosyllabically and have a firm grasp on capitalization. As for the film itself? A little more dialogue would have been nice, but I'm not going to give the a low rating or just whine endlessly about it. Even though the main character doesn't speak often, the pacing is still very good and the film does not drag at all. It's almost like watching an episode of Survivorman with the addition of with magic and monsters. Which to me, sounds amazing but clearly isn't everyone's cup of tea.



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