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The Falls: Covenant of Grace

The Falls: Covenant of Grace

GENRES Romance Drama
TIME 2016
Nick Ferrucci Benjamin Farmer Curtis Edward Jackson Bruce Jennings
Jon Garcia


The Falls: Covenant of Grace is a movie. Jon Garcia has directed this movie. Nick Ferrucci,Benjamin Farmer,Curtis Edward Jackson,Bruce Jennings are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. The Falls: Covenant of Grace is considered one of the best Romance,Drama movie in India and around the world.

RJ and Chris have been growing closer. Chris, now divorced but still an active member of the LDS church, still lives in Salt Lake City with his young daughter Kaylee. RJ has moved to Portland, and is a successful writer. Chris takes a weekend trip to visit RJ in Portland, but their burgeoning relationship is thrown for a loop when the LDS church announces a ban against baptisms for children of same sex couples. They are divided about how to handle the announcement, and what it means for their relationship and their faith. Even though he still has faith, RJ would rather just be done with the Church, but Chris is not ready to let it go. Chris goes home with the issue of their relationship still unresolved. But when Chris' mother unexpectedly dies, RJ drops everything to fly to Salt Lake City and be there for him. During the visit, Chris' father Noah Merrill, who is a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and strongly disapproves of same-sex relationships, has a change of heart ...


The Falls: Covenant of Grace Reviews

  • Cried like a baby throughout!!!

    ohlabtechguy 2017-01-22

    I just watched all 3 movies. Both the second and third were outright tearjerkers. The third had me crying from the start to the finish. Nick Ferrucci was incredibly convincing in his portrayal of a gay man deeply in love with another gay man. The intimate scenes between him and his male partner, Chris, were very tender, relaxed and realistic. As a gay man, I saw this film more as an idealized, gay romance, where the lead characters are actual soulmates destined to be together forever. I have serious doubts that very many actual gay LTRs are as monogamous or able to sustain the level of profound devotion, starting at age 20, depicted in this film. Still, the raw realness of every character's emotions was fully understood and highlighted what all humans share, the need to be accepted, to love and be loved. I am so glad directors are finally making movies where gay men can actually get married and live happily ever after. It sets an example for the next generation of gay men. Loved Nick's acting so much...his teary eyes acted as magnets, a window into his soul.

  • From risk to rewards - a trilogy filled with faith, hope and love...

    souldancer-72149 2016-12-15

    Producer, Writer and Director Jon Garcia's trilogy spanning, The Falls, The Falls: Testament of Love and now The Falls: Covenant of Grace allows me to wander around emotions of wonder, inspiration, hope as well as despair. I wonder why Garcia (a straight man) chose to dedicate precious resources (time, money, reputation) to write, produce and direct three content rich docudramas focused on dogma all too many same-sex oriented souls daily face. How did Garcia inspire two clearly talented straight actors (Benjamin Farmer and Nick Ferrucci) to dive deep enough into their respective characters that I thought they were members of my tribe (gay men). Garcia's trilogy direction tenderly allowed Farmer ("Chris Merrill") and Ferrucci ("RJ Smith") to blossom from tormented closeted characters to a happy, out gay couple ready, willing and able to face the entrenched dogma of their chosen faith. I wonder - will Garcia's aptly portrayed real-life chaos within same-sex Mormon families create adequate discussion inside and out of The Church of Latter-day Saints (LDS) to inspire action to resolve the despair it intentionally creates? Garcia's decision to shape his lead characters (Chris and RJ) into potential LDS change agents inspires hope. Hope based on the positive portrayal of healthy, stable gay married couple ready to live life with no regrets (regardless of the despair their dogma creates). In the final of this trilogy - The Falls: Covenant of Grace - thanks to the vision of both Garcia and co-writer Rodney Moore LDS has a road map in which to evolve. Will LDS choose to walk this road or will it decide - much like other dying faiths - choose self-inflicted extinction as decades melt into centuries. Witness a solid portrayal of the wisdom within Margaret Mead's wisdom (quote): "Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have. Thank you to Garcia, Moore and the entire cast and crew for showing us how to be the change our world needs. From risk to rewards - a trilogy filled with faith, hope and love...

  • A gem that somehow made its way to our (conservative city's) local library

    dallas_viewer 2017-02-04

    Disclosure: Straight middle-aged woman here. MINOR SPOILER included below. Wow, never heard of this trilogy before. Then I noticed TF:CoG was among the new DVDs recently added to our local library collection. (I was kind of surprised, since I live in a pretty conservative mid-western city.) Anyway, I was so impressed by the acting in this story! The performances were so good, at times I felt like a voyeur, witnessing intimate moments I had no business seeing. Nick Ferrucci's portrayal particularly came across as so honest, so truthful, it blew me away. The vulnerability expressed through his eyes was very convincing. Hope to see more of him in the future. The story itself was compelling. I've never seen a movie where two men were sweetly and passionately in love, emotionally and physically. Always a sucker for a good romance, I found this as satisfying as any M/F movie romance. I was a little surprised, though, that one of the characters who seemed adamantly opposed to the M/M relationship "came around" by the end of the movie. I'd have preferred that not happen, as I think it would have (sadly) been more realistic. Now I have to go track down the first two installments of this trilogy. :-)

  • What a way to go out on a high note!

    matthewandersonsalon 2018-04-09

    As someone who has battled some of the same self loathing these characters have endured in this trilogy, this holds a special place in my heart. All three films are fantastic, the last is one that will take you on the emotional roller coaster of the century. By now in this trilogy you already know and love the characters. The purity of the love between Christopher and R.J. Is something to be treasured. There is of course lust but love comes before lust in every sense. I haven't cried so much at a movie in many years. The acting is superb and the chemistry of the lead actors is out of this world. I highly recommend starting at the beginning of the trilogy, that way you can see how beautifully these characters are developed. This trilogy hits home for a lot of the GLBTQ community that have come from religious upbringing. Please give these films a chance. You will not be disappointed.

  • Utterly endearing and emotive..A movie to breathe, kiss, feel, and cherish forever!!

    prasanttrimurthy 2017-12-26

    So far in my life, I must say, I have not seen anything as beautiful as this movie, and as divine. I feel humble and proud to have watched such an authentic gay drama - a soulful journey of deep love (between two men) and its ability to survive despite all the repressions. It is with overwhelming pleasure that I watched this film and almost wished it would never end. As I am writing this, I remember how I eavesdropped and relished their tearful dialogues as if I was right there in their room. I can say with reckless conviction that no other gay-themed film did or will touch the depth of authentic love-rich emotions as this one did. So many iconic elements I loved about this spellbinding gay phenomenon: including its memorable romantic scenes, passionate intimacy, & unquenched longings, heartfelt affection & tender sentiments, mature empathy and committed monogamy. For once, it inspires us to reinstate our lost belief in devoted love and value of small sacrifices. It is also about how love, through the phase of separation, grows deeper, desperate and more that when lovers actually meet back their mutual passions relinquish their desire to stop at it. The story is utterly endearing, strongly impassioned, surprisingly emotive...and so delicately presented that you can't help falling for its charm. Not a single most romantic movie I have seen, straight or gay, has narrated a tale of powerful, true love like the one that materializes between Chris and RJ - the one that patiently breaks every malignant boundaries imposed by the world around us. The two lead actors have delivered sublime performances creating an unforeseen, original chemistry that speak of genuine feelings. I am never going to dare forget this film ever; it will linger forever in my heart.



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