The Dirt

The Dirt

GENRES Drama Music Comedy
LANG English

The Dirt is a English movie. has directed this movie. are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. The Dirt is considered one of the best Drama,Music,Comedy movie in India and around the world.

The story of how Mötley Crüe came to be one of the most notorious rock 'n roll groups in history.

The Dirt Reviews

  • The wait was worth it!

    maccas-56367 2019-03-22

    "The Dirt" Drinking Game: take a shot of Jack Daniels whenever you hear the words "dude", "man" or "chicks". Take a shot for each bare breast you see. Check yourself into rehab 1.5 hours later. I had been waiting to see this film for 12 years - ever since 17-year-old-me first read "The Dirt". It doesn't disappoint. In fact, it was way more enjoyable and fun than I thought it would be. It's cringeworthy, cheesy as hell and over-the-top - but then so is 80s rock. "The Dirt" seems self-aware of this though and doesn't take itself too seriously. It regularly breaks that fourth wall to hilarious effect. It's basically a comedy with a side of debauchery, partying and drug addiction. Oh and there's occasionally some awesome music thrown in too. It follows the four band member narratives just like in the book - and it works. I came away with Mick Mars having become my new favourite member of Mötley Crüe. I feel they got the personalities dead-on. Given the length of the book, this rollercoaster felt like it was over all too soon. Still, it was fun while it lasted - much like the career of Motley itself. Go into this with an open mind, don't take it too seriously and just enjoy the ride. Most fun I've had watching a movie in ages. I'm off to go spin my copy of "Dr Feelgood" now!

  • Great movie even if your not a fan

    megavahinko 2019-03-22

    I know some die-hard fans are gonna whine about how not everything in the movie was accurate but hey, neither was Bohemian Rhapsody (.. and look how well that went!). If you want historic accuracy, read a book. The Dirt was an ENTERTAINING two hours and hell, I enjoyed it even though I'm not the biggest fan of the Crüe. And would watch it again.

  • Great escapism and nostalgic movie 🎥

    stuart-42348 2019-03-22

    Great movie that takes you back in time and if you lived through that time then its a nostalgic trip. It's rude, loud and crude, but that's the Crue, so if you're offended then why the hell are you watching it. Sure some timelines are a little all over the place and there are a number of key Crue moments that are left out or glossed over. However at 1hr and 48mins it's to be expected. This is a movie that should have ran for a full 3 hours and really dragged you in, but instead it was nearly 2 hours of fast paced fun, debouchous, alcohol (and drug) fueled escapism, which is what the Crue are and were all about for many growing up. Throw in there the tissue moments as well as the self reflection and you've a movie that could easily see a sequel.

  • Ten stars all day

    thegarlicconnection 2019-03-29

    If you weren't there, you may not get it. Great film. Motley Crue defined the era from their start to their break-up. It wasn't grunge that killed rock-n-roll, it was the break-up of Motley Crue. This was waaaay better than I expected. Watch it!

  • Exceeds Expectations

    gjrburbchic 2019-03-23

    I went into this with extremely low expectations and was more than pleasantly surprised. The casting is near perfect. Machine Gun Kelly knocked it out of the park as Tommy Lee. Being a huge Crue fan in the 80's none of the material in this film is new to me and yes I was very aware of inconsistencies that were presumably done for theatrical and story telling purposes. None of that bothers me. To me, this is the right kind of awesomely cheesy. I'm impressed with the actors in this film. They inhabited the personas of Vince, Mick, Nikki, and Tommy really well. And I think that was the idea. Lastly, I've always resonated most with Nikki and seeing his childhood trauma depicted on the big screen was deeply moving. It's truly a miracle that guy is alive and well.



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