Sugar Daddies (2014)

Sugar Daddies (2014)

Taylor BlackPeter StraussJames C. BurnsIsabella Hofmann
Doug Campbell


Sugar Daddies (2014) is a English movie. Doug Campbell has directed this movie. Taylor Black,Peter Strauss,James C. Burns,Isabella Hofmann are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. Sugar Daddies (2014) is considered one of the best Drama,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A college student finds herself caught up in a circle of young women enjoying the high life and funding their dreams by "socializing" with a jet set crowd of older men until one girl turns up missing and the collegiate risks her own life to find the truth.

Sugar Daddies (2014) Reviews

  • Top of the Pops


    Pretty pre-law co-ed Taylor Gildersleeve (as Kara Jones) explains how difficult it is to make money, then she gets into a dark, foreboding car. One month earlier, we see Ms. Gildersleeve has lost her job as a waitress. Law school is expensive and her auto-mechanic father James C. Burns (as Barry Jones) needs money for medical bills. He may lose the family home. Naturally, Gildersleeve goes out with one of her girlfriends to one of those places where old people hook up with much younger sex partners, for big bucks. Initially reluctant, Gildersleeve is hired by one of the wealthiest seniors in the room, "fossilized" investor Peter Strauss (as Grant F. Zager)... Other than being unavailable on her dad's birthday party, the arrangement works out well. At $5,000 a pop, Gildersleeve has hit the "sugar daddy" jackpot. Alas, this being a "Lifetime" TV movie, things start to go wrong. Gildersleeve loses sexy young boyfriend Griffin Freeman (as Justin). Her life gets even worse when old Mr. Strauss declares, "I like to be choked." For the first half, this is a silly and unconvincing morality drama. With some funny lines ("He's a lonely old man with a drawer full of Viagra"), writer Barbara Kymlicka keeps it running. Later on, director Doug Campbell arrests dwindling interest with "three-way" helper Samantha Robinson (as Lia). ***** Sugar Daddies (12/23/14) Doug Campbell ~ Taylor Gildersleeve, Peter Strauss, James C. Burns, Samantha Robinson

  • Be careful when dealing with call girls.


    Being a sugar daddy is more than just fun and sex. It requires a certain temperament, one that Grant Zager, the sugar daddy lacks. He is pushy, possessive, and arrogant. It gives cause to wonder why anyone would want to have anything to do with him. Yet he attracts young women who are willing to cats aside all pretensions of morality to make a quick buck. It is uncertain who's is morally more repugnant, the young ladies who are opportunistic whores or the sugar daddy who pays them. Now, this moral dilemma notwithstanding, this is an entertaining movie. The plot is simple, comprehensible, and most importantly, plausible. There is nothing contrived. People are acting act their selfish desires, and, of course, gets them all into trouble. The moral of the story: if you wish to be a successful sugar daddy, treat your "girls" nicely. In turn, they will treat you nicely too, as long as you pay up. After all, call girls don't work for free.

  • A College Student With A Sugar Daddy


    Taylor Gildersleeve and Peter Strauss star in this Lifetime movie entitled "Sugar Daddies". It tells the story of a college pre-law student Kara Jones,who happens to be strained with student loans together with her family considering her dad is strained huge medical bill,decided to become a mistress to an old rich man named Grant Zager,who pays her a huge amount of money every month just to sleep with him.Everything seems alright after she got paid at least $5,000 a month and a new Mercedes Benz until her friend Lea got murdered when they were taken home by Grant. No question that this Lifetime TV movie tells a story with a lesson of morality especially among the young generation who prefers to earn money the easiest way possible.It was also nice to see how Kara's parents showed their daughter particularly her father being against her work as a mistress.Finally,it also provides the viewer a glimpse of the American society on how education and health bills can really put a strain to one person or one family.

  • Having A Sugar Daddy To Cope Up With College And Medical Bills


    Former "All My Children" mainstay Taylor Gildersleeve,now known as Taylor Black after getting married, together with veteran TV actor Peter Strauss star in this Lifetime TV movie entitled "Sugar Daddies". Kara Jones is a typical College student who is strained due to bills that have placed many Americans as well.The bills concern about going to college as she is in pre-Law or a Political Science student who intends to become a lawyer someday and the medical bills that amounts to $80,000 that his father has to pay after an insurance company scammed her family.Things get worse when she got fired from her job as a waitress and the college internship that she is pursuing does not pay any salary at all.Finances become extremely difficult for Kara that she decided to do what her roommate Shawna does in order to have lots of money.She decided to have a sugar daddy. Kara goes into a "sugar daddy convention" with Shawna and decided to form a partnership with Grant Zager.Just by sleeping with him,she obtains a lot of financial rewards such as $5,000 a month,a brand new Mercedes Benz,goes with him in his private jet and having dates in expensive restaurants in San Francisco, and Grant's willingness to shoulder her father's medical bills.Should I even say that she also got expensive earrings for it?This seemingly works great until trouble occurs when her boyfriend Justin breaks up with her upon learning that she has a sugar daddy,her father's disgust after the discovery of her relationship with Grant, Kara being unable to show up in one of Grant's events, and her friend Lea getting killed. This Lifetime TV movie has a morality tale to tell about going out with a sugar daddy and getting "easy money" would be paid for later in the end as Kara stated when she went back into becoming a waitress.Added to that,she also learned that "prostituting" herself is not something that her parents particularly her father would be proud of.It could have been better had the movie focused on these themes as well as the financial strain that is placed on most Americans such as the expensive tuition fees for college and costly medical bills but the movie became a thriller in the last quarter of its running time with Kara running from people trying to kill her. The performances were also worthwhile for a Lifetime TV movie.Veteran actor Peter Strauss is always reliable for a great performance while Taylor Black has shown no signs of inexperience at well especially during their numerous scenes together.It makes them a joy to watch.

  • Being A Mistress To Afford College


    Taylor Black a.k.a Taylor Gildersleeve and Peter Strauss star in this Lifetime TV movie known as "Sugar Daddies" that has similarities to the Halley Pullos- starer Lifetime TV movie entitled "From Straight A's to XXX".James C. Burns,Isabella Hofmann,Ashley McCarthy and Samantha Robinson co-star in this TV movie that tells the story of a college student who needs to finances to pursue her studies.But unlike Miriam in the Pullos movie,the college-age women in this screenplay do no pursue becoming a porn star but something else which the title bluntly and straightforwardly suggests:Have a sugar daddy!!!! Kara tries to pursue becoming a lawyer.She comes from a middle income family who can only afford to provide her $200 a month.Then things get worse when her father injures himself working and got screwed over by an insurance company that left the family with a huge medical bills.Added to that,she never got into the financial internship that she was pursuing due to many qualified candidates that really left her needing for more money to pursue becoming a lawyer and not be left with more than a huge amount of student loans plus interest to pay after graduation.She knows that her previous jobs such as being a waiter won't her at all. Comparatively,Kara's roommate Shawna seems to have no money problems being involved with a rich old guy.This prompted Kara to explore "Shawna's method" despite having no liking for it.In the process,Kara joins one of Shawna's meet-up parties and in the process meets an rich old guy named Grant.Being Grant's mistress,Kara receives $5,000 a month,gives her a car and is able to join him in his private jet.She also got a financial internship upon Grant's connections.All Kara needs to do is to join Grant whenever she is called upon.But being a Lifetime TV movie,we do not expect a happy ending once Kara solves her financial problems.In fact,trouble begins upon the progress of this movie on this part. The movie definitely has a moral theme to teach the viewers that is why the relationship of Kara and Grant does not work nor does not end up happily.Instead,there is a dangerous aspect in it wherein we see someone gets killed.It presents that becoming a mistress of a rich man is not the answer in spite of the financial rewards that a woman could get from it.Also as shown by Kara,one could not provide peace and happiness from it being somewhat into prostitution. Added to that,the movie also explores the financial strain it puts on every American who goes into to college and the expensive American healthcare system but it does not really explore much about it. This was your typical Lifetime TV movie with the typical plot lines and story lines.But nevertheless,it was definitely a "fun Lifetime movie".Discovering another beautiful and sexy actress in Taylor Black a.k.a. Taylor Gildersleeve is definitely fun.It was the first time I have seen her.She does pretty well acting wise and she has shown he can hold on her own with seasoned TV actor Peter Strauss.I'll make it a point to watch her again in her next Lifetime TV movie.


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