Stalked by My Mother (2016)

Stalked by My Mother (2016)

Jennifer TaylorDanielle C. RyanMia TopalianSpencer Neville
Doug Campbell


Stalked by My Mother (2016) is a English movie. Doug Campbell has directed this movie. Jennifer Taylor,Danielle C. Ryan,Mia Topalian,Spencer Neville are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Stalked by My Mother (2016) is considered one of the best Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

An overprotective mother thought her daughter (Maddie) was being kidnapped at the library by a teacher trying to help her. Years later, the teacher's daughter (Lucy) seeks revenge on the family after Lucy's father committed suicide. Lucy befriends Maddie in college and uses a fake name, Gina West.

Stalked by My Mother (2016) Reviews

  • A nearly unstoppable Lifetime Psycho


    Other reviews here went into details about the movie, so I'll hit the Lifetime standard character highlights: The Lifetime Heroine (LH) is the mom, Claire. The Rebellious Teen (RT) is her daughter Maddy. Despite the title, the Lifetime Psycho (LP) is not the mom, but is Gina/Lisa. Surprisingly missing is the Guy Perpetually in Need of a Shave (GPNS). The LP crafts her revenge plan well, and in the process ganks the RT's boyfriend (body count: 1) and then later the Bon Jovi wannabe and incompetent PI (body count: 2). As with most LPs, she has a wide skill set, to include identity theft, bomb making, and firearm proficiency. The shooting scene was truly ludicrous (+2 points Lifetime movie score), but suffice it to say the LP put down two men, one of whom was armed and had the drop on her, while only being wounded in the arm. The LP realizes she was short one kill, so she is about to finish off the other guy but is stopped at the last second. Near the end, the LH is a female in jeopardy. After a lame chick fight (-1 Lifetime movie score) during which the LP's bomb is counting down, the LH wins round 1 and ties up the LP by binding her wrists and tying her to a column. She is about to leave and let the LP suffer the consequences of the bomb, but changes her mind and completely unties the LP. After round 2 of another lame chick fight round 2, the LP wins of course and KOs the LH using a convenient piece of home decor. Lifetime PD as usual is incompetent but the detective manages a quasi-title drop and finally comes through at the end by arresting the LP. We learn via one of many flashbacks the LH was a track star and used the final 11 seconds of bomb time to jump into the pool. In the sunny day conclusion, everyone is OK, but the LH is still stalking. Real movie score (higher is better): 4/10. Lifetime movie score (higher is stupider): 5/10. A truly epic chick fight would have easily bumped this to a 7/10.

  • Watching the Detective


    In a Los Angeles-area library, a woman screams, "Maddy, Maddy!" Apparently, her daughter has been abducted. No, wait, it's only a nightmare. Over-protective mother Jennifer Taylor (as Claire) awakens. Her pretty blonde daughter Mia Topalian (as Maddy Beauregard) announces she is going out to a party in Westwood. When your teenage daughter says she's going to a party in Westwood, you tend to worry. After being assured there will be no drug-taking at the party, Ms. Taylor decides to follow Ms. Topalian anyway. "Booze, pot and guys trying to get in her pants," is how Taylor describes what she finds. Thanks to older friend Danielle Chuchran (as Gina West), 17-year-old Topalian hooks up with hunky 20-year-old Spencer Neville (as Tucker). Parked in a car, the handsome young man is easily coaxed out of his shirt, but mother Taylor arrives and spoils the fun... Typically rollicking with derangement, "Stalked by My Mother" is another "Lifetime" TV movie from writer-director Doug Campbell. This one is interestingly plotted and would have benefited from a bigger budget, some story development and additional minutes (for pacing). The fast-motion and flashbacks are cheap and weigh it down. Also, most of the characters are not likable. Most notably, this is true for the mother, played by Taylor. Taylor emerges as the story's heroine and main character, but she's unlikable and stays that way. The story does hold your attention, with a few twists and turns. Midway, we're introduced to private detective Kevin Scott Allen (as Nick Fox). Drenched in alcohol and cheap cologne, "Nick Fox" is a highlight for Campbell and Mr. Allen. This supporting character is so engaging, he literally takes over the story during his time on screen. **** Stalked by My Mother (9/26/2016) Doug Campbell ~ Jennifer Taylor, Danielle Chuchran, Mia Topalian, Kevin Scott Allen

  • Guess Stalker Mom will always be Stalker Mom


    So, saw this little film on Lifetime hours ago and knew I had to immediately rant off here on how frustrating this movie was, but I did like the little twist in the middle of it. First off, the mother. Oho boy. The mother. Of course right off the bat in this movie the mother shows how overbearing she is towards her daughter Maddy, even to a point where she follows her around. Now the movie did show how the mother does care, which I was going "aw" a little, but that went away fast as soon as they showed the twist, and I was just rooting for the bad guy all the way. Why? Because the mother made a false claim against the bad guy's loved one in the past and screwed up their life. Yeah. And in near the end of the movie when the showdown between the bad guy and mother (like any lifetime movie shows) came on, the mother did not once apologized for her past action, nope. And guess what? In the end mom never learned a thing in the end, and I got to watch Maddy's mother follow her to a party... AGAIN. Guess this mom will always be a stalker overbearing mother.

  • Good thriller


    This is one of the better Lifetime thrillers. There is a protective mother as the title suggests. When her daughter's boyfriend is killed the daughter becomes a suspect. Things seem to point to the mother but how can that be? The good thing is there is a twist that is plausible and things get quite exciting. The twists and turns are actually plausible. Liked the cast which is quite attractive - liked Danielle Chuchran who is pretty and a good actress. This is a superior Lifetime movie. When the plot is good it's worth watching.

  • ****


    Very good film where an overprotective mother ruined the life of a teacher she accused of trying to kidnap her young daughter, and eventually the guy committed suicide. Again, we see a film, this one a very good one, with revenge being the goal, this time by the grown daughter of the teacher, years later. She befriends the daughter of the girl and introduces her to a guy. The mother continues her overprotective ways and follows them. When the guy is murdered, the daughter is arrested but the latter thinks that the mother killed him. The film details what the real killer perpetrates to keep this scheme going.


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