Picture of Beauty (2017)

Picture of Beauty (2017)

Taylor SandsDanielle RosePawel HajnosMagdalena Bochan-Jachimek
Maxim Ford


Picture of Beauty (2017) is a English movie. Maxim Ford has directed this movie. Taylor Sands,Danielle Rose,Pawel Hajnos,Magdalena Bochan-Jachimek are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Picture of Beauty (2017) is considered one of the best Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Franek is a talented art forger and painter who along with his loyal assistant Hazel - herself a talented artist - are commisioned by a glamorous madam to produce a piece for her brothel to hopefully drum up more business. Although his subjects at the brothel are beautiful, he yearns for more and calls upon his assistant to find more models. Stephanie, a beautiful and strong minded political activist who freshly expelled from university for her views answers the call and takes an instant liking to the shy painter. Her young friend Julia would be a perfect subject too, but she has recently been arrested for escaping the bonds of her cruel and much older husband, who just happens to be an influential police officer. The group literally (and metaphorically) free Julia meaning that Franek can hopefully complete what should be his masterpiece and hopefully find love for himself.


Picture of Beauty (2017) Reviews

  • a film showing the beauty of a female


    Picture of Beauty is a film showing the beauty of a female body, and contains scenes of eroticism. It tells the story of young Julia who values freedom and of a painter who is looking for his "muze" to create a painting for a brothel madam. The film music is compelling, thanks to it we can feel the period atmosphere of the story. The story of Julia develops in a surprising and interesting way . What I liked very much was the beautiful outdoor compositions, I recommend this film.

  • With a little more work it could have risen to the level of good.


    This movie is full of beautiful shots, interesting set dressing and beautiful girls. Lots of eye candy. It's really unfortunate that it has a terrible script and some rather poor acting. Some of the actors are passable, but others can't speak a single line convincingly. Also I have to disagree with another reviewer about this, it does not project the period very well at all. The early 20th century had women who wore layers of underwear and foundation garments. You would never see a woman in public in the nigh-diaphanous little nothings the leading lady favored. All that being said, this film is a forgettable little bit of inoffensive fun, but with a stronger script and better acting it would look a lot less like a high school play.

  • simply bad


    Just bad porn, slow rhithm, non sense scenes, bad picture frame and equilibrum of image, if want to see porn, better go to see clasic pizza guy or pool cleaner, had better plot and dialogs

  • Really beautiful actress


    The story is amazing and really delightful. Very nice outdoors.

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