Onbathu Kuzhi Sampath (2020)

Balaji MaharajaNikhila VimalAppukuttySivabalan
Ja Ragupathi


Onbathu Kuzhi Sampath (2020) is a Tamil movie. Ja Ragupathi has directed this movie. Balaji Maharaja,Nikhila Vimal,Appukutty,Sivabalan are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2020. Onbathu Kuzhi Sampath (2020) is considered one of the best Romance movie in India and around the world.

Onbathu Kuzhi Sampath Logline A rustic angry extrovert hunk falls in love with a introvert village Belle and their love is tested with family pride and honour, would the love survive or succumb to this tempest. Synopsis Sampath, is a ruffian by nature and a wastrel by employment disliked by the villagers en-masse. Visalatchi, Sampath's mom is also a party to it. Vislatchi is a cliché mom. She hates him on one side and doesn't hate him on the flip. He is always shadowed by his friend, Saami Vasanthi's (female protagonist ) family lives a secluded life by not interac&ng with the fellow villagers, all because of false prestige. The story begins in Trichy and shows Sampath working in a quaint workshop and heads back to his village with loads of money in his hand to get married to his ladylove Vasanthi. Sampath,a trypical wastrel life changes when Vasanthi, who normally doesn't speak to anyone in the village starts a chance conversa&on with him. Sampath to fall in love and this is ...

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