On the Milky Road (2016)

On the Milky Road (2016)

Emir KusturicaMonica BellucciSloboda MicalovicPredrag 'Miki' Manojlovic
Emir Kusturica


On the Milky Road (2016) is a Serbian,Italian movie. Emir Kusturica has directed this movie. Emir Kusturica,Monica Bellucci,Sloboda Micalovic,Predrag 'Miki' Manojlovic are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. On the Milky Road (2016) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama,Fantasy,Romance,War movie in India and around the world.

A three-part narrative recounting three periods in the life of a man: his time as a lucky milkman during the war, perilous escapades and blossoming romance with the woman he loves, and his later life as a monk, looking back over the tumultuous past - both his and his country's.

On the Milky Road (2016) Reviews

  • More of the Same


    Fans of Kusturica will not only recognize all the trademarks - the general hilarious feel, the music, the rhythm, the fast transitions from ugly to beautiful, from comic to tragic, from realism to surrealism - but will probably also enjoy them. To a degree. Because this film suffers precisely from that: we have seen it all before. Despairingly, no signs that Kusturica is exploring new grounds. Worse, it doesn't seem he is interested in exploring new grounds. Worst, it seems he doesn't care about offering anything new. On the contrary, this film is a kind of regression: the basic story is not interesting at best and sloppy at worst, the characters have no depth, and the machismo is as frustrating as ever. Don't expect subtle messages here, but do expect the bravado of another carnival. Having said all this, as the saying goes, the subversion of the cultural distinction between human and animals is pretty good.

  • great cinematic anarchy!


    This is confident, assured and exhilarating cinema, and comes highly recommended.The first five minutes are completely overwhelming, and you wonder how much more of this frenetic pace will be tolerable; it's questionable whether this gives way to something calmer or you just tune in to it all, but the first half of the film is a dizzying, intoxicating whirlwind that demonstrates just how accomplished Kusturica is as a director (he's not too shabby in front of the camera, either).This is cinematic anarchy in all its folkloric glory. The plot gets a bit over-tangled but there is nothing too over-the-top for Kusturica especially when trying to resolve a difficult situation, not even flying! Thin,meandering, and overlong, but what heart and imagery!

  • mladen


    I watched this movie at the Vue Cinema as part of the London Film Festival 2016. A delirious "magical realism" that we have come to expect and love from an Emir Kusturica movie. He plays a Serbian milk man in love with a Serbian-Italian beauty played by Monica Bellucci. We have a vicious clock, snakes that drink milk and wrap around people as a means of delaying them, female gymnastics out of this world and sheep that explode violently - not forgetting a literal blood bath. The plot gets a bit over-tangled but there is nothing too over-the- top for Kusturica especially when trying to resolve a difficult situation, not even flying! The backdrop of horrible warfare is almost matter-of-fact to the excessively romantic story that really matters here This is cinematic anarchy in all its folkloric glory but it works and its highly entertainin

  • A great story of war and love


    A mindless carnival of carnage, a loop of history that repeats and repeats itself, nonstop. People are dancing from one pointless war to another. With no hope for better future. How clearly he can see it coming, again.

  • Utter garbaga


    This film is basically Kusturica's excuse to shoot romantic scenes with Monica Bellucci. Plot is non-existent, some acting is below terrible, especially Sloboda Micalovic, who couldn't be bothered to learn how to properly speak a Bosnian dialect. Animation is cheap, there is no character development, everything revolves around how great, strong, yet fragile main character is. The only good thing I have to say about this film is photography, which is really outstanding and deserves a reward. In conclusion, I'm baffled that such a Tommy Wisseauesqe pile of self-glorified garbage ever made it to a single movie festival.


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