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O Auto da Compadecida (2000)

O Auto da Compadecida (2000)

Matheus NachtergaeleSelton MelloRogério CardosoDenise Fraga
Guel Arraes


O Auto da Compadecida (2000) is a Latin,Portuguese movie. Guel Arraes has directed this movie. Matheus Nachtergaele,Selton Mello,Rogério Cardoso,Denise Fraga are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2000. O Auto da Compadecida (2000) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama,Western movie in India and around the world.

João Grilo and Chicó are two very poor and clever Brazilian Northeasterners who struggle for survival and trick people to get by. After meeting the wealthy Rosinha, both hope to finally strive in life, but their plans are interrupted by the arrival of an outlaw.

O Auto da Compadecida (2000) Reviews

  • A rough guide to life, love and death


    O Auto de Compadecida is a funny film, in more ways than one. At first, I was baffled by the storyline, or rather, by the lack of a storyline such as I'm used to. If you expect the first five or ten minutes of a film being devoted to introducing the characters, their backgrounds, and their passions, you'll find yourself puzzled by this flick. There is hardly any introduction or explanation, and such as is offered appears exactly at the appropriate moments. The film is also funny in content. The main characters are a teller of unlikely stories and a schemer of impossible schemes, who never reach the third dimension, but then, there's no need for that: the burlesque quality and speed of the scenes thrive on these two men being cartoon characters rather than real people. And truly, an in-depth character would be highly out of place in a scene which involves Jesus, Mary, and Lucifer doodling in the margins of a book--using blood as ink, naturally. Highly enjoyable.

  • A must see!


    It's hard to find actors with as much charisma and on-screen chemistry as this movie's main duo. Throw in an impeccable script and various Cameos by Brazil's biggest and brightest stars, and you'll have one of the funniest movies ever made (and my personal favorite amongst the post-1980s Brazilian productions. The only downside of this movie is that it was originally a four-hour TV mini-series; the two-hour version is inevitably condensed. If you have the option of choosing between them, go for the complete work. If not... well, half the laugh is still better than no laugh.

  • Avoid the misunderstandings


    Before watching it, get this straight ! 1- This movie is an adaptation from a original play and smaller works from the same author (1955). 2- This is not how Brazil is today in the country side but how it was at the beginning of the 20 century (circa 1920). Sort of Brazilian Wild West (in our case Wild East). 3- This was a TV series much longer and was reduced to almost 1/3 of its original size for the theaters and DVD due to the great viewers ratings of the TV series. 4- Much of the jokes and characters are local to the region shown in the movie: Sertão Brasileiro. 5- To understanding the movie you should really know Brazilian Portuguese, some local accents related to the plot and the colloquial words used make it very tricky to translate, and in many cases, impossible. I watched also with English subtitles, and believe me: most of the jokes are gone. 6- There is no parallels between this movie and "Cidade de Deus" (City of God). You can argue about the technical aspects of them but for me, is like comparing "much ado about nothing" (from Shakespeare) and American Pie. To really appreciate "much ado..." you you must master the English Victorian world completely (of course... its out of my league. Eng. is not my first !). Or like old Italian comedies from the 60 and 70 where many joke relay on gestures that a foreign just cant understand. 7- And about the religious ending, its a joke inside the joke. And of course, if you cut a work that takes 3 1/2 hours to just 90 minutes and thinks that its the same thing. ...for example, for a native Brazilian, its just hilarious to see a black Jesus, a Zelot Devil and organized one following rules by the book. In the other hand, you could compare this movie to DOGMA (Kevin Smith). And its way better than DOGMA. Thats all folks... And of course... I'm a Brazilian.

  • It's folklore


    When the 4-chapter mini-series was announced by Globo network, few people expected it to be THAT good, for the simple reason that nothing that good had been done in Brazilian television in the previous 15 years. The adaptation is efficient, departing very little from Cabral de Mello Neto's text and mood, the direction, scenography and art direction are beautiful, the humour is well balanced with adventure and drama, everything works well. But the real treat you get watching this is Nachtergale's performance as Joao Grilo. This is the production that made everyone agree that he is the best actor of his generation by a mile. Let me talk a little of what the story is about. It is not really a 'fantasy' of the writer as some American viewers (understandably) thought. The play's proposal is to be an adaptation of several texts from the tradition of 'cordel literature', typical of the Brazilian northeast (where the play is set). Those texts are mostly long poems that translate the folklore of that region. It is, of course, a very catholic area, but in a very peculiar way. Jesus ('Manuel'), Mary ('the Merciful') and the devil ARE common characters of those folk stories, and they are as 'accessibile' to people as the movie shows in Brazilian Folklore. Also from 'Cordel literature' comes the character of 'Joao Grilo'. Anyone who sees this movie and don't know Grilo should watch for Shakespeare's 'Henry IV' (the character Falstaff) and Moliere's 'Scapino'. It is sort of a universal character – the court's fool, and doesn't belong to Arraes, Mello Neto or even to Brazilian Folklore. So it is not really someone's fantasy – it is the fantasy of an anonymous collective, the people from Brazil's northeastern 'sertao'. It is a great movie anyway, I just thought people would like to know the background.

  • The greatest Brazilian comedy ever!!! (for Brazilians)


    "O Auto da Compadecida" figures as the best Brazilian comedy of all times, not only for the jokes itself but for the social and economical context that it shows!! Showing the northeast poor situation it shows an atmosphere that can only be understanded by Brazilians and third world countries citizens. The movie tells the story of joão grilo and chicó two poor friends that uses their smart to survive. sometimes honestly and sometimes tricking the richer and stronger people. With a smart and simple humor it makes you laugh from the first to the last minute, don't having to appeal to nudity and deliberated violence!! This one is one of the greatest comedies ever and should be watched by everyone who can understand it context!!


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