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My Little Pony: Equestria Girls (2013)

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls (2013)

Tara StrongAshleigh BallAndrea LibmanTabitha St. Germain
Jayson Thiessen,Noelle Benvenuti


My Little Pony: Equestria Girls (2013) is a English movie. Jayson Thiessen,Noelle Benvenuti has directed this movie. Tara Strong,Ashleigh Ball,Andrea Libman,Tabitha St. Germain are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. My Little Pony: Equestria Girls (2013) is considered one of the best Animation,Comedy,Family,Fantasy,Musical movie in India and around the world.

In Equestria, the newly crowned Princess Twilight Sparkle is still trying to adjust to her new status and wings. However, Sunset Shimmer a renegade former student of Princess Celestia, steals her magic crown and escapes to another world. Twilight is charged with recovering the crown and she and her companion, Spike, pursue the thief. Crossing over, Twilight finds that she has been changed into a powerless human in a high school world populated with teenage human counterparts of her friends. To save both worlds, Twilight must rediscover the magic of friendship that transcends everything she imagined possible.


My Little Pony: Equestria Girls (2013) Reviews

  • Quality Comes First Before The Money


    This movie was only made to make money like the Barbie Dolls or American Girl Dolls. Sadly though like Planes they worried more about the toys and less about the film which brings this movie crashing down. ~ There are plots in the movie that are never addressed. Example: Like Why did Celestia want to see Twilight Sparkle in the first place? Why couldn't she have asked/ tried to convince Principal Celestia to switch out the fake crown and the real crown? ~ The songs are forgettable pop songs that I wouldn't pay 99 cents for if they were on I-tunes. ~The plot is so clique that, it kind of hurts that this is related to My Little Pony. Tell me if this sounds familiar: a new female girl joins a school and has to become popular in order to beat the mean girl. So she gathers a team of unlikely heroes while bringing the school closer than ever. Yeah, that's what this story is. The TV show was creative with the mythology and how this world works in its own unique way. This is another boring high school movie that we've all seen before. Even the Barbie Diaries was more realistic. At least the pacing was better. ~ The characters in this movie are boring. Even Pinkie Pie isn't very funny in this movie. She can be crazy all she wants but crazy doesn't guarantee good comedy. The others are all boring one dimensional people/ ponies. ~ Like I mentioned before I think the pacing of this movie is its biggest downfall. One minute the girls are all mad and hate each other then the next thing they do is hug and laugh with each other. What is the point of having them as enemies if you were going to bring them together in less than a few minutes? Plus how does Twilight Sparkle resolve bringing the school together clique? By singing a song about working together clique. Sorry but that just seemed too out of place. I know in the show they sing but in this movie it doesn't work. The reason I give it one star is that at least the animation is okay if not weird but aside from that skip the movie and go watch the cartoon. (Also nothing that happens in this movie has any impact on the story ark in the show. They act like this movie never even happened.)

  • It wasn't that bad, but it was bad indeed


    I despised the very idea of this movie existing, but after watching it... it turns out it wasn't that bad! But... that doesn't mean it was good. I'll try to be as objective as possible, since some people here aren't reviewing... they're just spewing their hate. STORY 1/10 It's pretty decent and acceptable... within the first 15 minutes. Then, something that had so much potential (a crown that could help you dominate the world) is all wasted... on a high-school. And instead of an epic fight or something of the sorts (in order to retrieve the crown)... we've got a high- school dance. It all goes downhill from this point. Clichés are everywhere, and of course, as you might expect, the villain steals the crown just in time, turning into a sort of demon who can mentally-control others... and yes, she wants to rule Equestria. How original. However, I'm giving it 1/10 instead of 0/10 because of how good the adapting-to-the-human-world-and-tech thing was. It was pretty original and it made me chuckle plenty of times. Everything else was... shameful. ----- CHARACTERS 4/10 Every pony in Ponyville has a mirror version in the "human" world (they even have the same name... how lazy you have to be to give them the same name, Hasbro), so personalities and character development are pretty much the same as the ones seen in the show. However, we've got an archetypical spiteful/bossy teenage girl as a villain (yay originality) and plenty of fan-service throughout the movie (4th-dimentional Pinkie, a "so awesome!" from Rainbow Dash and an extremely moe Fluttershy). One thing I really disliked about the characters is how pretty everyone is. There are no short/fat/ugly people. Everyone's tall, with an athletic body (despite most of them not even practicing sports) and a gorgeous face (heck, even the nerds are gorgeous... they're just pretty people with ugly clothes), and the school's one and only bully is our villain: a teenage girl. Really? And last but not least, the society-portrayal made when Sunset Shimmer turns into a demon was downright pathetic. Pretty much nobody panics after seeing a FRIGGIN' DEMON, and nobody else outside of the school seems to care about the intense and noisy beams of magic/explosions. It's like they're used to it. And what's worse: when Twilight and friends defeat Sunset Shimmer, the once spiteful/bossy/I'm-gonna-rule-Equestria villain is now a crybaby who just wanted friends. What. The. Stuff. ----- ANIMATION 8/10 The animation was pretty good. No complaints at all. They did a really good job and the character design ended up being cute! That was a surprise. ----- MUSIC 7/10 The soundtrack was good as well. The songs were cheesy, girly and catchy, just like you'd expect from a My Little Pony movie. ----- BREAKDOWN - 5/10 Good animation/soundtrack but terrible plot and character development. It perpetuates a sexist view of both genres (boys play rock & roll, girls put on their make-up) and it was made to sell new merchandise, so yeah, not really a good movie, even though I love My Little Pony. Don't give it a higher note just because it's for kids and don't give it a lower one because you were disappointed. There's a whole lot of masterpieces in the film history that were originally made for kids. Rate this with the same criteria that you'd rate a Pixar movie.

  • Hasbro, I Hate You!


    Toys! Toys! Toys! That's all Hasbro cares about, who cares if it ruins a show people love! Hooray! Equestria Girls was Awful! There was no effort whatsoever - except in the animation; THAT'S IT! In case you don't know what it's about, Princess Twilight goes into the human world because Celestia's former student, Sunset Shimmer, steals her crown and takes it to the human world. There Twilight is sent to high school and goes through all the high school clichés you could possibly imagine: outcast, bullied, friends with outcast, becomes popular, gets a boyfriend - the bully's ex-boyfriend (does that sound familiar?), and being Fall Formal Princess. It is the clichés that ruin the whole story. At least with Mean Girls, they developed a better storyline - even if it was exaggerated; the same could be said for High School Musical, which is less annoying compared to this. The story could have been great, but it is horrible! For starters, the clichés, solving problems in the blink of an eye, and more. I've gone through the clichés in the previous paragraph, here's problem solving: The five friends (who are humans) Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Applejack hate each other, but then a few words from Twilight and they're friends again! That's not how you mend a friendship! Like for example if you know Applejack and Rainbow Dash, you know they are highly competitive against each other, so when they're attempting to mend their friendship on the distant soccer fields we see them hug! Did I forget to mention that they are highly competitive and demand an apology from each other for whatever unexplained reason, and just because Twilight says to talk it out they instantly solve it in a second? That's not how fixing a broken relationship works! What I hate even worse was that while the story was trying to be original it ended up being more clichéd than original, I'm specifically talking about the cafeteria song. Oh I want to bang my head against the wall just hearing that song! Sunset Shimmer is the most popular girl in the high school, and Twilight needs to desperately win the crown back for the Fall Formal. So how do they get this brand new girl who never registered for class to be even more popular? By putting on a flashmob in the cafeteria and singing how differences are awesome, and how Twilight's differences outshine Sunset Shimmer. If someone sang that to you, would you even buy that and vote for them just because someone sang to you how differences make you ten times better than someone you've already known? It doesn't work like that! Even as a non realistic film it makes no sense. Also when Twilight reveals to her friends that she's a pony in human form and they're instantly cool with it! If your closest friend told you he/she was a pony in human form, is that how you would react? It's too weird to think about, but the story must rush; no time to have any real developed reactions! Even if a movie was 90 minutes long, it would be enough time to go into real character development and emotions. That's what I hate about this film: how rushed everything is, there's no time to enjoy anything, and it is just another excuse for Hasbro to make more toys out of My Little Pony! However, to be fair, the only thing I really enjoy is the animation. It still looks beautiful, even the designs of the mane six looks great. Aside from that, there is nothing valuable to enjoy. Don't throw in the "It's a kid's film" line, because whether it was made for kids or adults, this film has no excuse for how bad and pointless it is!

  • This is not what lured millions to MIP:FIM


    First off, I enjoyed the beginning of the movie where they're still ponies. I like how it picks up right after season 3 ended. Its a great set up but then it shows its true colors, and that would be a movie designed to rival with the Bratz Monster High doll collection. The legs are three-fourths of their body. They ALL wear short skirts and knee-high hooker boots. It only worked for Apple Jack because she would wear cowgirl boots but a skirt? No she'd wear denim shorts or jeans. Rainbow Dash especially was reduced to playing soccer in a skirt. We get it Hasbro, they're girls but they don't all have to dress that way. The skin doesn't bother me just because it eliminates racist thoughts. In Equestria, fur color was never meant to show race. They're all different colors. However, Rarity and Sweetie-Bell look like corpses. I liked seeing all the ponies from the show shown as humans, even though their design overall was done in a much more mediocre way than what I've seen from the fandom. Other issues that really bothered me was the cliché high school drama, which is what turned me off in the first place. The antagonist uses cell phones to cyber bully Twilight, which is far from what I expect from this show. The love-at first sight had my eyes rolling like many other things. Some of the characters don't seem to be "in-character" such as Fluttershy. There's no ways she would break out into song in front of the entire school. I had to skip through some of the songs, which I've never had to do for the TV show. The big turn off was Sunset Shimmer setting out to rule the high school. Really, being princess of the high school, that's just lame! Like it or not this movie was made to sell creepy humanized pony dolls, which will fail in my opinion. Hopefully season four of the show will get it back on the horse.

  • A blatant marketing movie that undermines the show...


    For a start... it definitely did not warrant a theatre release. No additional effort was put into the animation beyond the TV series other than the opening credits animation, at all. Would have been a nice two-parter to link the existing My Little Pony seasons 3 and 4 together. Two, it's so obvious the entire movie is a giant advertisement for Hasbro to sell anthro-based dolls based on popular characters. The way the characters are introduced and stylised, it's just glaring and grating. The basic story? As predictable as ever, even for a MLP episode. Which is fine for a MLP episode, but not for a movie, hence back to my original belief it didn't warrant a theatre release. The fact that it's set in such a tedious and over-used setting as a school formal? Awful. So much opportunity for this to have been done better was wasted on a cliché. The ponies are regressed to teenage years when in Ponyville they are already mares, ie mature. The movie should have reflected this, and used it to encourage girls (and guys) in a more positive direction than what it does. The writing was about as standard as the series, but I'm disappointed with the whole image of the movie. Everyone is thin and anaemic, with the exception of Snails, and lo and behold, the unpopular "bad guy henchman" is fat. The ONLY fat person in the entire movie. In the series, all the ponies are rounded, or at least full-bodied; all this movie does is perpetuate the stick-insect mentality of fashion that girls are now being encouraged to pursue. Which leads to... Concepts of friendship are nice to see in this movie, and I'm glad they are there. But the series does a much better job of teaching those concepts in a manner that isn't muddied by imagery that is counter-productive to many children's' self-esteem. This movie is a step backwards for the quality of the show, not a step forwards. So, overall? Poor. It *could* have been so much more. Instead, we got dreck. It's 4, perhaps a 5 out of 10. For the absolute littlies only, and I say that with hesitation given the body-image impressions it's setting up for them. I hope this stays a one-off, and is never attempted again.


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