Love on the Menu

Love on the Menu

GENRES TV Movie Romance
Willie Aames Yvonne Chapman Richard Ian Cox Duncan Fraser
Ellie Kanner

Love on the Menu is a movie. Ellie Kanner has directed this movie. Willie Aames,Yvonne Chapman,Richard Ian Cox,Duncan Fraser are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. Love on the Menu is considered one of the best TV Movie,Romance movie in India and around the world.

A chef makes a deal with a frozen food executive in order to save his restaurant.

Love on the Menu Reviews

  • Autumn Reesor Shines Again

    moonlightlex 2019-02-25

    Really cute movie with a great story line. The only negative thing I can say is, the ending leaves you hanging. Maybe there will be a sequel? Believable characters and Autumn Reesor shines once again. We loved this movie.


    stevewyzard 2019-02-25

    When a workaholic widower meets an uptight corporate stooge, you wouldn't expect anything to happen. And yet one of the best things about this movie is how the characters grow, change, and stand up for what they believe in over the course of their relationship. Like all Hallmark movies, there are occasional lapses of believability, but at least no one resorts to lying or hiding secrets to fill out the 2-hour run time. The leads are likeable yet fallible, there's extensive use of montage to show the passage of time, and the Vivaldi mandolin concerto is the cherry on top! Keep it up, Hallmark!

  • Love on The Menu

    susieschwartz-93314 2019-02-25

    Love on the Menu is is step up from most of the Hallmark offerings. The cast is excellent and most importantly, the dialog is well written and engaging.

  • Caveat to restaurant owners and my humble opinion about the movie

    laramia-garcia 2019-02-27

    The movie, at least for me, is beautiful. I won't go into the technical stuff, because I have no right to do that, but as a foodie, and a former restaurateur, I think I could say something(not totally). The problem began because (not really a spoiler) because a person wasn't treated well because they thought another person was the food critic, and they were wrong. As much as possible, please train your staff not to play favourites or put your best behaviour just because you think a food critic is there. Just do your best, no matter what. As these actors or whoever else are in the movie act or whatever even if they are not feeling good, do your best no matter what, and you would be noticed. It's also a note to self in case I go back to the food industry, but I'd rather be client instead. :-) Now that's out of the way, what do I think about the two lead stars? KAVAN and AUTUMN, do they have chemistry? All I can say is that there was something about the trailer that made me want to watch this movie badly. I don't know if it's because of the story...well, maybe not. It was because I saw that the partnership is I guess you could say that there's chemistry. I can't really expect much because this is a TV movie, but I did enjoy the movie. I liked JORDYN ASHLEY OLSON...I mean, I like the young girl. She could act. I think she's a natural. Her role is a fifteener undergoing a lot for her young age, but she still has a lot of reason to smile. For me, she became Hannah, Chef Hank's lovely daughter. It's also refreshing to have BARBARA NIVEN and WILLIE AAMES on board. I also liked almost everyone who acted in the movie, especially the kitchen crew. Mr. Smith was a convincing chef. Maybe people would notice this and that, but I'm talking about his acting. He made Chef Hank very human...He has his outbursts, but he also knows how to admit when he is wrong. Yes, it's the screenwriter and the director we should thank for the character. attack, treatment, what-have-you, but Mr. Smith was able to bring Chef Hank to life. Does the movie offer something new? Something old, something new, something "borrowed", something blue... :-) Thankfully, yes. It's relatable. It has old elements, and some new ones. I guess I'll stop now before I give real spoilers. Your opinion might vary from mine, and that's only natural, but I hope at least one or two might agree with me. Thanks for your time.

  • Really cute movie!

    babycakes-45269 2019-02-25

    Autumn and Kavan have good chemistry together, this was a really cute movie. I've actually watched it a couple times today. Plus it reminded me a bit of home "Seattle". The acting flowed really well and it was a pleasant watch. Good job!


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