GENRES Drama Horror Thriller
LANG English
TIME 2015
Daniel Bayle Robert Bond Alexander Bracq
Marcus Warren


Kick is a English movie. Marcus Warren has directed this movie. Daniel Bayle,Robert Bond,Alexander Bracq are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Kick is considered one of the best Drama | Horror | Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Office workers and avid soccer fans Dan and Steve have bribed their way into a London premier league soccer stadium one evening after work fora once in a lifetime chance to play on their team's hallowed turf. Only when the match finishes and the lights go out do they realize they are trapped in a game for their own survival.


Kick Reviews

  • Awful movie

    brianmercier-71721 2016-06-16

    At first the idea of a horror movie set in the world of British soccer sounds intriguing, but already 20 minutes into KICK it becomes obvious that this is just a lazy by-the-numbers production with a highly predictable ending. The plot might have worked in a much shorter form as part of the 80s and 90s versions of 'Outer Limits' or 'Twilight Zone', but as a 76 minute movie it fails on so many levels. The acting is wooden, the villain character ridiculous and the directing and script are bland and without any imagination. I don't know which movie the reviewers who gave it 10 stars are referring to (maybe another one with the same title?) but this KICK is as far away from an intelligent horror/thriller as you can get and there are so many plot holes it's just painful to watch. Those were 76 minutes of my life I will never get back! Funnily enough the 10 stars reviewers talk so much about technical details like post-production and camera it feels like those are written by the movie crew themselves... and that would just be sad, wouldn't it?

  • Worst Movie Ever

    cyifly-2 2016-06-13

    The movie was only 1:15 long and it literally felt like 3 hours. Every time I started to turn it off, I kept thinking it can't have that much further to go. But it did. Hours more. Thirty minutes into the movie, I was sure it had been on over an hour and was almost over, but nothing had happened. Nothing. Started fast forwarding for the next 20 mins and still nothing had happened. This whole film could've been 30 mins long and been over-- and it still would've been bad. Bad directing, bad editing, bad acting, bad, ridiculous script. There were a few times where I laughed at stupid sequences in the film that could not have possibly happened. The Worst part about it is was it took itself so seriously and tried too hard. The actors and the tone of the film seemed like it was actually trying to be good -- trying to be dramatic instead of campy. It was labeled as "Horror, Thriller, Drama" on IMDb. The only 2 reviews it had said it was excellent. I think the reviewers got confused which 'Kick' title they were reviewing and accidentally reviewed the wrong movie title. It wasn't horror. It wasn't scary. It wasn't thrilling. It wasn't dramatic. It was BORING. I watched it for free and still feel like I should get my money back. How is it that there are really great movie ideas that get ignored and stuff like this gets funded?

  • different and unique storyline

    lisa-polatio 2015-02-20

    I love to watch movies that are in some words unusual and unique from the average box office film. Something a bit more refreshing which this film certainly was! It's not your typical horror, and I think it's one of the only, if not the only horror films integrated with sport I have ever seen. This meant loads of fresh and exciting ideas could be bought into play by the producer! The usual film consists of a similar storyline and the viewer almost always being able to predict how the movie will pan out throughout the beginning, middle and end, apart from maybe one twist climaxing during the middle of the film, however this movie was different and for me gripping and intelligent. I thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end and I definitely rate it as a film that must be watched for its Original script and overall fantastic movie!

  • Brilliant , Looks Amazing, Love the Suspense!

    samosborneII 2016-05-20

    Brilliant Movie, Great Suspense , Thrilling , I want More! Looks Fantastic as well! I really like the football scenes , and the stadium shots are fantastic. There were loads of great locations and i really enjoyed the sleazy underground FootballScenes. The two protagonists were really believable and I really enjoyed seeing them suffer and squirm the girls in the movie loved gorgeous and also quite trashy , like normal and believable wags! I especially liked the Lead actors and i thought they were great. The 'Freddy Kruger' Character was also absolutely amazing , he was so eerie, and creepy , every time i saw him i wanted to scream! Again Brilliant , and they did a really good job on the post production . I especially liked the camera work and lighting , it just looked really believable and so excellent , like the scene which was lit with just one lighter - how did they do that ?! Amazing!



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