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Kept Boy (2017)

Kept Boy (2017)

Jon Paul PhillipsThure RiefensteinGreg AudinoDiosiq Burné
George Bamber


Kept Boy (2017) is a English,Spanish movie. George Bamber has directed this movie. Jon Paul Phillips,Thure Riefenstein,Greg Audino,Diosiq Burné are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Kept Boy (2017) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

A story of love, greed - and moisturizer.

Kept Boy (2017) Reviews

  • 'The best things in life are kept'


    Director George Bamber and screenwriter David Ozanich have adopted Robert Rodi's popular 1996 book KEPT BOY, updated it a bit, gather a fine cast and the result is a well timed gender variation love story that plays quite well. Dennis Racine (Jon Paul Phillips) is a handsome young boy-toy of much older interior designer/reality show star Farleigh Nock (Thure Riefenstein) who surrounds himself with beautiful things. Farleigh extracted Dennis from his first year of college to become a kept boy (and we soon discover that the houseboy Javi - Deosick Burney – had Dennis' assignment prior!). Dennis is nearing his 30th birthday and Farleigh shocks Dennis with the news that it is time for him to get a job! A new pool boy Jasper (Greg Audino) is hired and Dennis suspects he is a possible replacement. Armed with suspicion and need, Dennis plays to his ambition. Jasper has an uncle Peter (Charles Fathy), a successful painter in Cartagena, Colombia and Farleigh, Dennis, Javi, and Jasper fly there for a visit. Situations heat up in Cartagena and some surprising changes occur – changes that are both bittersweet and proof that love conquers all. KEPT BOY addresses many issues in the gay community and with the quality of actors cast in the various parts (John-Michael Carlton, Toni Cohen, Vivian Lamolli, Ellen Karsten, Carrie Madsen, Tamara Zook, Skyler Bible and Scott Atkinson), the situations become credible and even touching. The film mixes humor, lust, relationships, ageism and dreams with a fine dose of polish.

  • Surprisingly good


    I wasn't sure about this film but I actually ended up really liking it. It's full of stereotypes, as one would expect given the subject-matter, but manages to remain charming and touching, not to mention it's quite funny. Dennis lives a complacent, pampered life with Farleigh, not realizing that the term "boy" no longer applies to him until someone younger and arguably more attractive appears. Sensing danger, Dennis tries to find a way to get rid of the competition and keep his man. That's what I thought it was going, ALL I thought it was going to be, but I was pleasantly surprised by the journey I was taken on. It's not the best film out there by any means but there's enough charm and heart in it to make it worth a watch.

  • Small Budget but Big hearted gay indie.


    Dennis lives with his sugar day that is real life TV type Farleigh who has more money than sense and likes to have his significant other not too far away. Dennis has grown used to the easy life and the trimmings of success but with his main actual achievement being 'looking smashing in athletic wear' as John Grant might say. Thing is time and tide wait for no man and after a life of lazy margheritas it is not going to be too long before age starts to show. Then enter Jasper, he's hunky, he's sultry, he's Mexican and he is the new pool guy. But not for long – soon Farleigh has more than his interest piqued and all of a sudden Dennis has competition – big time. Now this is one of those stories that plays the coincidence card a tad too many time but as its done so well you sort of forgive it. The actors are all really good especially Jon Paul Phillips as Dennis who really ought to get more gigs. The production is done well too and despite its indie background it comes across as a confident and grown up piece of film making – this is not one for those who want to be mired in bedroom action but is more character based and hence is one I can recommend to all fans of gay themed cinema

  • Far better than title and poster would suggest


    I think we've all seen the classic love triangle poster on books and movies a million times, and when the material is gay, it's usually pretty dire. Kept Boy was a pleasant surprise. First thing you key to is that the acting standard is uniformly high, and the production standards are good. The plot is a trifle melodramatic but that's the nature of the beast. The reviews of Robert Rodi's 1996 book suggest it was a written as a comedy of manners, but the film takes a less light-hearted reading than the rom-com poster implies. Overall, I'm both intrigued enough by the source material to seek out the book, and found the film to be rewarding enough to deserve future re-watching. A keeper.

  • beautiful


    ...for the proposing questions. Simple, real, precise. For the nice performances. For the atmosphere. Not great but nice. For a form of definition for the meaning of life. For the heigh of different ages. For the map of vulnerabilities. And for sketches of artificial universes and theirs borders. Nothing original. But useful for the traces of questions and for the reasonable manner to propose them.


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