In the Hell of Dixie

In the Hell of Dixie

LANG English
TIME 2016
Austin T. Adams Eric F. Adams Joaquin Adams
Eric F. Adams


In the Hell of Dixie is a English movie. Eric F. Adams has directed this movie. Austin T. Adams,Eric F. Adams,Joaquin Adams are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. In the Hell of Dixie is considered one of the best Horror movie in India and around the world.

Deep in the woods of southern Louisiana, a masked killer stalks members of a local hunting club. As blood trails begin to connect the victims, a police deputy named Ned Annison finds himself caught in the middle, pursued by both the killer and the town sheriff, who believes Ned is the man responsible. Always one step ahead, Ned works to stop the killer and clear his name, only to find that some friendships end in blood. Every town has its secrets. During one terrifying night, Gloster, Louisiana just let its out.


In the Hell of Dixie Reviews

  • Quite Engaging & Unique Horror

    AaronKeba 2016-02-11

    Usually I eject these micro budget horrors after about ten minutes, but I have to say that this film was quite entertaining. There is some crazy lady in a bloody dress that is running around killing these hunters one by one. I'm no hunter, but this film gives you a really interesting insight into the world of country hunting camp guys. Some of the camp members pick up some cute girls in town and you know how that is going to end. The acting was solid and the kills had an old school feel, no CGI, which I really liked. I read where the budget was around $30,000, which is hard to imagine, but for such a small budget, they created a darn good horror flick. I'll take this one over some million dollar films any day.


    nogodnomasters 2018-04-27

    This is a Louisiana slasher that was long winded and needed an editor. The film centers around Ned (Eric F. Adams) our protagonist who is both unlucky and not very likeable. There is a hunting lodge where guys hunt, look at pictures of racks (deer racks) and have sex with young females. There is a slasher on the loose, about half way through and we also trudge through a poorly down flashback birthday party with a guillotine and a bunch of kids. The writer felt he needed to cram in every corn-ball hillbilly phrase he could think of into one sentence. It needed to be thinned out, so the humor could be appreciated. I felt the film tried to do too much. Sometimes less is more. Guide: F-word, sex, brief nudity.

  • Decent Offbeat Slasher

    jessy-dupont 2016-02-12

    After watching this film, I had to go look it up. This is definitely an exploitation style slasher, but what I found intriguing about this film is that it actually has a good story coinciding with the kills, which goes against the norm of a typical slasher film. It has a 1970's style feel to it with the country Sheriff (he was good) reminiscing of Macon County Line or Walking Tall. That's not the only aspect that reminded me of 70's cinema, the other is it takes it's time developing and gradually picks up steam. I like that. There were some rough areas in the acting, but overall I expect that from a B-movie horror. My wife and I both felt the lead guy, Ned, (Eric F. Adams) was really good and so was one of the girls, Hope (Emilia Graves). The music score was surprisingly solid, but the sound (dialogue) was crummy in spots; I guess that's a direct result of the low budget. It also a psychedelic feel to it with bizarre flashback scenes which I did not understand, but then again, I never understood any of Italian horror.

  • Southern Slasher

    MooreDigitalStudios 2016-03-28

    I am recommending this film on ambiance alone. I wont bother summarizing the movie, since many other reviewers have already provided recaps. I will say that I have been on a horror/thriller binge lately, and I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. It's a B-film and you can tell the budget is not large, but it's light and entertaining. Not a slasher in the over-the-top vein of Friday the 13th, this film cultivates a story and slowly builds an atmosphere of suspense.In the Hell of Dixie succeeds largely because the characters are likable and easy to relate to. The viewer will recognize themselves and their friends, past and present, in these doomed hunters, which makes the impact of their deaths all the more vicious. Its not a masterpiece of cinema, but I do think stands apart from the other low-rated horror choices on instant streaming.It doesn't match the execution of other contemporary rivals but overall it has good suspense and death scenes, and decent music throughout.

  • Old School Horror

    artistgp 2016-03-23

    If you're a fan of old school horror then this is a flick that you should check out. The visuals, performances and music give it kind of a 70s vibe that works well for the indie flick. It's amazing how much work goes into making a film of any kind so I always have a lot of respect for anyone that can take an idea for inception to completion. The southern backwoods setting is one that several viewers will enjoy, given that it has become somewhat of a staple to the horror genre. It won't be a film for everyone, but those that dig the style will most likely enjoy the heck out of it. Grab some popcorn, plan yourself on the couch and dig in for some independent horror filmmaking fun!



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