Hot Money (2021)

Hot Money (2021)

Ugo BardiJeff BridgesJohn CavalierWes Clark Jr.
Susan Kucera


Hot Money (2021) is a English movie. Susan Kucera has directed this movie. Ugo Bardi,Jeff Bridges,John Cavalier,Wes Clark Jr. are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2021. Hot Money (2021) is considered one of the best Documentary movie in India and around the world.

With wit, satire, and historical context, Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander, General Wesley Clark and his son Wes Clark Jr. take us on a journey through the financial circulatory system connecting farmers, homeowners, bankers, academics, and business professionals in a tale that explains the knot of economic forces that can lead to collapse and how to untie it.


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