Hex (2018)

Hex (2018)

Jenny BoydRoss McCallAdrian HoughKelly Blatz
Rudolf Buitendach


Hex (2018) is a English movie. Rudolf Buitendach has directed this movie. Jenny Boyd,Ross McCall,Adrian Hough,Kelly Blatz are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Hex (2018) is considered one of the best Horror,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

While spending vacation in Cambodia with his two older brothers, Ben Trepanier flirts with the sexy Amber Kelly and they date. He has a crush on Amber and soon he learns that she is epileptic. Later he finds that Amber is indeed possessed by an evil entity and decides to help her to seek the cure using the support of the notorious witch doctor De Rais.


Hex (2018) Reviews

  • Waste of time and money


    I don't know why some people rating it so high? The movie is not scary at all and the ending is very boring. Dont go for it if you dont want to be mad like me.

  • Dont waste your time


    Could have been a decent movie but the ending and lack of story ruined it completely. It felt like there is at least 15 minutes missing from the movie. Everyone in the àudience just started to laugh in the end. That cannot be a good sign for a horror movie. Overall it feels like this movie was directed by amateurs, i cannot recommend anyone to spend money on this.

  • Don't be like me


    This is a horror film? Are u kidding me or what? Totally waste of time and money...

  • 9.8 how many fake reviews and ratings can you give


    Hahah this movie is nothing short of already seen a zillion times. Its boring, bad acting and bad everything showered by fake reviews and fake ratings.... Don't waste your time on this one, horror movies are stuck in a root, zombie movies possession movies and this.

  • Great supernatural horror with a twist of psychological ambience


    Hex is a fantastic independent horror movie that is worthy of a mainstream status. Full of supernatural twists and turns that will keep you glued to your seats (and maybe a sofa pillow on your lap for you to hide behind just for good measure!) Within the heart of the beautiful scenery of Cambodia, we see American traveller Ben Trepanier falling for a beautiful American woman called Amber Kelly. All seems normal until Ben faces the really truth about Amber and her dark past of an ancient curse that is buried deep within her, causing a path of seduction, blood, violence and death along the way. Rudolf Buitendach once again makes a brilliant film for a large audience, horror and non-horror fans alike. After his last tremendous psychological kidnapping drama, Selling Isobel, Rudolf keeps on showing us that he's a filmmaker that is making large strides to the big leagues. If you're a true fan of supernatural horror who enjoys good writing, cinematography and believable characters who don't necessarily need to be played by non-A-list celebrities then this is the movie to see. Overall, it's an 8/10 for me.


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