Happy New Year (2014)

Happy New Year (2014)

Shah Rukh KhanDeepika PadukoneAbhishek BachchanPrabhu Deva
Farah Khan


Happy New Year (2014) is a Hindi movie. Farah Khan has directed this movie. Shah Rukh Khan,Deepika Padukone,Abhishek Bachchan,Prabhu Deva are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. Happy New Year (2014) is considered one of the best Action,Comedy,Crime,Music movie in India and around the world.

A team of losers attempt to pull off mass revenge against a past traitor. They are required to win a dance competition as part of the plan, they get entangled with the presence of a somewhat unintelligent local dance performer who cannot learn the backstory of the betrayal.

Happy New Year (2014) Reviews

  • A Very Important Question


    I just have 1 question. In the movie, towards the end, Shah Rukh Khan and Boman Irani enter the Safe(or locker) where the diamonds are kept. The locker gets locked and they exit through the top. My question is why can't they enter through the top considering the fact that they already had the plans for the entire building? I do not think that the writers envisaged the situation. It would have been pretty simple and slick. This goes on to show that enough thought was not put into the script. A movie of this budget and the involving the slew of big names cannot overlook such a simple fact. However, if anybody has any plausible explanation, please reach me at nishith4online@gmail.com.

  • This movie is about 6 losers who are trying to loot a bank in Dubai


    I had expected a lot from this movie due to the cast it had and the publicity they did, but I had wasted my money, time and mind when I watched the movie. This movie has awful story. Comedy in the movie is nice. The vfx of the movie were nice, but the story could be made awesome, just due to story I gave the movie just one rating. I was not having a vehicle with me, I went with my family and I had to stay even after intermission. It is a hit just because of the cast and comedy ONLY. I actually had an headache after watching the movie. I don't know where is the old Sharukh who had made hits like Swades, Chak de India etc, where ever he is, I hope he comes back soon. I miss you SRK. :(

  • F***ing grow up already


    This movie depicts everything that is wrong with Indian cinema, in fact it overshadows some of the good work done elsewhere. When the likes of Farah Khan are given more spotlight than Hirwana or Mehra, you realize how far behind the general audience is. I wonder why SRK does such movies. Is he that cheap now that he does such pieces of crap for money? then you see Irani in this movie, a brilliant actor and you wonder if Farah Khan touched their feet and begged them to do this movie for her. Plus i think Mr. Bachan just died after watching the younger Bachan, Ashweriya must be thinking after watching this that she was better off marrying a clown. When you can do brilliant movies such as Guru why would you do such a pathetic movie. All in all i will say, anyone who liked this movie probably has a lower IQ than a chimpanzee. SO kindly don't watch this crap and please if you like this movie for heaven's sake get a life and grow up.

  • Watching a blank wall for 3 hours would be more interesting


    I have given this movie a rating of 1 because there is no choice to rate it as 0. I cannot even waste time evaluating the story because there is none. The film has no class. Farah Khan is a business woman who dishes out sub-standard movies to suit the people who are hard-up for entertainment. This movie would be appealing to people who don't care for a plot, and who get mesmerized with lot of colors and loud music and exceptionally over-acting. Instead of a spoiler alert, I can give you a Farah alert. I would rather watch a B-Grade than this C-Grade movie. Please do not waste your time watching this mindless so-called comedy which would not even appeal to a 10 year old. Farah, please use your money for some better things and leave film making for people who treat this a work of art. Don't waste good actors like Boman, Deepika in your mind-numbingly stupid movies. I will never watch your movie again.

  • Worst Movie EVER


    Worst Movie I've Ever Seen In my Life. Total Waste Of 3 Hours As well Money. Apart From Boman & SRK All are Do Nothing. It About some looser who become winner. This Movie Is Simply At Its Worst. What happen To Bollywood??? This is awful, Totally awful. No Logic,No Sense, Total carp Dialogues. Music Is Awful, At Some Point it feels like to quit this movie. Can say bad copy of Ocean 11 & Now You See Me. Overrated comedy with no Sense. Some Says its a Masala movie with a ITEM Number But Believe me its a waste.Story Line Is Simply RIPPED. Hats off to Farah Khan to make it more worst. Cant Write More. Do Not Watch it. Disappoint Movie. If You Still Wanna Try This then Go At Your Own Risk. I'm Not a SRK hater Or Salman's Lover. I just Giving My Opinion.


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