Guddu (1995)

Guddu (1995)

Deepti NavalMukesh KhannaManisha KoiralaShah Rukh Khan
Prem Lalwani


Guddu (1995) is a Hindi movie. Prem Lalwani has directed this movie. Deepti Naval,Mukesh Khanna,Manisha Koirala,Shah Rukh Khan are the starring of this movie. It was released in 1995. Guddu (1995) is considered one of the best Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Guddu Bahadur meets fellow collegian, Salina Gupta and both fall in love with each other. Then one day both meet in a vehicle accident resulting in Salina losing her sight; Guddu holds himself responsible for this outrage and is restricted by Salina's family not to meet with her again. Although Salina does not consider Guddu guilty she does not want to meet with him and be a burden on him. Shortly after Guddu find out that he is diagnosed with brain tumor and does not have long to live so he decides to donate his eyes to Salina after his death but this is not agreeable by Guddu's advocate father, Vikram which forces Guddu to move to court in order to ascertain his rights. Ultimately this decision not only affects his dear ones but changes lives forever.


Guddu (1995) Reviews

  • Sweet film


    The viewer must remember this film is 10 years old, and at times may seem a bit dated, but it does not distract too much. At times, one must suspend disbelief and allow yourself to be taking on the journey. Shah Rukh Khan is very watchable in this film, as always; other than the over the top acting in regard to a medical condition...won't say what. :oP As long as you can allow yourself to be carried along the journey this film takes, and over look the over the top scenes that do occur with increasing frequency toward the end, you will enjoy it. And the ending is very sweet in its attempt to teach us all a small, but ultimately important lesson.

  • Wonderful Performance!


    I watched this movie recently so I realize the storytelling style is now outdated. But I immensely enjoyed watching this film. I wasn't expecting it to be great since I had never really heard anything about this movie previously but once I started to watch it I got very engaged in the story and characters. Shah Rukh Khan shows his brilliance and talent as an actor. His emotions really sink into you and you feel as if he is really going through what his character is. He does a very convincing job in this movie. The story is very endearing about an only son who is loved dearly by his polar opposite parents. His father is an atheist lawyer and his mother is a strongly religious person. SRK gets caught in the middle of these two who argue regularly on how to raise their son but he loves both parents and don't want to hurt either of them. The movie starts out very lighthearted and funny but then encounters a serious twist. This movie is worth watching especially if you love Shah Rukh, he won't disappoint you in this one!

  • Unreal is generally not nice


    It all begins normal, a popular guy, a girl. First dislike each other then fall in love. Everything seems normal. Guy and Girl are from good families. Suddenly the guy gets mysterious headaches and the girl goes blind! When the boy was born the parents were warned against something terrible which would happen to the boy. But the dad being totally non religious didn't pay any attention to it, The mom on the other half always thought about it. After examining the boy (Shah Rukh Khan) they find a tumor and there is only one way of fixing it, and that is by going to the USA. But Guddu, the boy, has promised the girl that when he dies she will get his eyes!!!And therefor he is not able to go to the US, because the eyes wouldn't reach the girl in time! Big Chaos during the climax and very disgusting ending i think. Here it comes: Guddu gets operated by the doctor who suddenly is available to come to India. The mother dies during a hunger strike which she is keeping for her son and her husband (he is lying next to his son, in a coma, because the son refused to come with him to the US). Before the mother dies she writes on a note that the girl can have her eyes!! So end of the story, mother donates eyes to girl, Guddu marries girl, and they live happily ever after!!!

  • So bad that it is worth watching.


    Don't read any further... Just watch it if you know Hindi. There's spoilers ahead. Where do I begin? The protagonist gets brain tumor because of headstands, he is stuck with his crush in a temple where they look at the carvings on the wall ( 'of you know what' poses ) and then a "song" happens, his ( thanks to the temple ) girlfriend loses sight because she is in an accident where she falls out of a car and hits a stone - face first, the son sues his father because the father wants to get his brain tumor treated abroad.... The list goes on. I haven't even mentioned my major issues with this movie above. Completely worth watching. This gives Jaani Dushman a run for its money.... Actually it is as bad. But this is a close second if not tied. Available on YouTube.

  • great movie


    Shahrukh Khan is always out to surprise. I personally enjoyed this one, because it supported the thought that one should not blindly follow what their parents want for them, and that it's OK to be original. Sure he a little overacted with the headaches, but how does one exactly portray a severe headache? It also adds to the comedy aspect. Shahrukh Khan is a wonderful dancer (although he denies it), and it shows in this one almost as good as it did in DDLJ. Another aspect it has is the different sports(activities) that the female lead character is put on par with SRK's character, if not better, because she knows what she wants to do when she's finished college. And her idea's original(not what daddy says). This is a real reality in our world today. It's not as funny as DDLJ or serious as Kal Ho Naa Ho. But the artist did a great job(SRK) for the part given.


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