GENRES Sci-Fi Short Action Fantasy
LANG English
John Fiorella Brian C. Bethel Paul Hasenyager
John Fiorella

Grayson is a English movie. John Fiorella has directed this movie. John Fiorella,Brian C. Bethel,Paul Hasenyager are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2004. Grayson is considered one of the best Sci-Fi | Short | Action | Fantasy movie in India and around the world.

Batman has been murdered and the only man who can uncover the mystery behind his murder is his former partner, Dick Grayson aka Robin! Grayson uncovers a conspiracy the corrupt chief of police conspired with Batmans Rogue's Gallery to kill him and now they've set their sights on, Grayson!

Grayson Reviews

  • In A Word? Awesome!

    fandangonoir 2004-11-06

    John F.'s Grayson qualifies as the coolest, most badass, rockin' sockin' Batman fan film ever! If you thought Batman: Dead End was cool, you ain't seen nothing' yet! Now THIS is the kind of fresh new concept those tools at Warner Brothers should be using for their next Batman film! Smart, fun, exciting, original. John F.'s concept is miles ahead of anything all of the Batman films have done. The film is a trailer for an upcoming Batman movie. It's a killer concept some smart WB exec should have made into a feature length movie! I hope to see more of this writer/director/stars films in the foreseeable future! Grayson 4 ever!

  • Masterful trailer for a film waiting to be made.

    orrinbloquy 2005-06-20

    I've had the pleasure of watching this on the big screen (after putting it on DVD and borrowing an abandoned auditorium), and John's got a sharp sense of what makes a great action film. It doesn't hurt that the casting's well-done, either. Batman Begins is probably going to be a good flick in the Frank Miller vein, but Fiorella manages to build on the original comic book mythos without condescending or becoming inaccessible to the general public -- a tight rope to walk. But then, as the man in Dick Grayson's shoes, he's probably used to walking them. Whether or not you see this fan film, pay attention to the name John Fiorella.

  • Invoking and exciting!

    scottt-9 2006-05-02

    I stumbled on to this and am I ever thankful. While the actors are unfamiliar to me, this 'fanfilm' short really sold itself as a continuation of the Batman line. A MUST SEE for Batman fans! The personal touches, the cameos and attention to detail shows a great understanding of the DC universe. The scenes of Dick training, investigating and obsessing gives you a clear insight to the inner conflict and determination Grayson has. The interaction with his family and peers adds depth to the story summary not often seen even in big Hollywood productions. I really think this could be an excellent full length movie. I would hope that Untamed would pursue it to fruition.

  • Amazing!

    Otter- 2004-11-23

    I saw "Grayson" last summer, and it blew me away! I've even shown it to non-comic folks and they've been very impressed with it and the small budget it was made with. It's so great to see all the cameos of the DC universe in it, and they trailer leaves you with so many possible outcomes, that you WANT to see it made.The costumes, special effects and plot line all come together in this "audition" trailer. Watching the audio and video documentary on the website gives some great insight to the perks and perils of making a project like this. The performances by John and the other actors are sincere and compelling. Kudos to John F. and much luck getting this feature made!

  • Excellent stuff!

    HaemovoreRex 2008-01-22

    No, not a belated biopic of the late entertainer Larry 'Shut that door' Grayson, but a highly impressive, fan made mock trailer featuring Dick Grayson aka Robin, long serving side kick of the legendary Batman. Super hero fans will quite rightly drool over this six minute short which features an array of favourite characters including Superman, Wonder Woman, Cat Woman, the Joker, Bat Girl, The Riddler and even briefly The Penguin and The Green Lantern. Despite its short running time, this extremely stylish effort still manages to beat the hell out of any full length super hero themed flicks to appear on cinema screens as of late and is absolutely essential viewing for lovers of comic book adaptations.



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