Grace and Gravity

Grace and Gravity

Bruce Marchiano Tara Ward Richard Brimblecombe Ellen Waite
Andrew Walkington

Grace and Gravity is a movie. Andrew Walkington has directed this movie. Bruce Marchiano,Tara Ward,Richard Brimblecombe,Ellen Waite are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Grace and Gravity is considered one of the best movie in India and around the world.

An American Christian on a work assignment in the UK must come to terms with his own faith when he encounters a suicidal minister who has lost his faith and is about to leap from a bridge.

Grace and Gravity Reviews

  • Better than your average faith-based movie!

    bryan_lomax 2019-02-12

    This is a low budget Christian film that punches well above it's weight. If you saw Sunset Limited with Tommy Lee Jones and Samuel L. Jackson and liked it, then you might like this. Grace and Gravity steers away from the horrible pitfalls of other Christian films, such as God's Not Dead, by giving the atheist character a real sense of intelligence and biblical knowledge, so that the conversation is never one-sided. It's not about a Christian character "saving" the poor little atheist. It's more a film about two very broken people helping to fix each other through the building up of a relationship. Yes, this does mean lots of talk about biblical matters, but it's done in a very natural and grounded way through good old fashioned character development and not by beating you over the head with it's theology. If you hate religion or Christianity, then this probably ain't for you. But I don't see the point in coming to a film with the express purpose of being able to write it off. If, however, you are someone who is able to approach things with a more open mind, then you might just find much here to enjoy.

  • A pointless movie

    Beauq81 2019-02-04

    I gave this 3 stars for a few decent jokes it had. All in all, very poorly written, acted and filmed. It was made as a propaganda movie, but it doesn't understands the basic concepts of the atheism it was made to preach against. If the point was to bring the unbelievers to faith, it fails. Only made for the entertainment of hardcore believers.

  • I Wasn't Sure I'd Like It... But I Did...

    paulbiz8 2019-02-22

    I watched this unsure after reading some reviews... but I truly enjoyed it. It's not a big-budget film, but it's quite touching and gets you thinking. Had more humor than I expected, too. The Brit vs. American angle is quite funny. It's really about a former preacher in England who's lost his faith, and an American who's a new believer -- they meet on an isolated bridge where the former is about to commit suicide. The American tries to save the Brit, but it turns out they both need saving. I felt really good when the film ended -- not the ending you expect, either. I'd say give it a shot. I'm glad I did.

  • The Devil is in the Details

    podozzypro 2019-04-23

    I have mixed feelings about this film. The concept is unique and for the most part the humor serves the story well. I like both actors but I was a little disappointed with Bruce Marchiano's performance. I think he's a solid actor but his performance in this film felt disingenuous and over-the-top at times. As they say, 'the devil is in the details' and this holds true for this film. I had a hard time getting past the poor visual effects and sometimes, poor audio. Being that it's a low budget film I genuinely understand the constraints but when essentially the entire film is green screened and in too many shots it's obvious, it's hard to maintain that suspension of disbelief. I have to admit though as a filmmaker I probably have a much more critical eye than most. I liked the fact that it wasn't a one-sided argument. It was true to life in that sense. The contrasting viewpoints between the American and British was refreshing. I think the extremely low ratings on this film are unfair. Give it a chance and see for yourself.

  • Movie That Made Me Think

    brosehudson 2019-04-08

    The movie is written for the Christian audience, and as a believer, I found it raised some thought-provoking points I've never heard raised before about why it is we want to share our faith. It had fun, light humor and was enjoyable to watch.


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