Golmaal 3 (2010)

Golmaal 3 (2010)

Mithun ChakrabortyAjay DevgnKareena KapoorTusshar Kapoor
Rohit Shetty


Golmaal 3 (2010) is a Hindi movie. Rohit Shetty has directed this movie. Mithun Chakraborty,Ajay Devgn,Kareena Kapoor,Tusshar Kapoor are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2010. Golmaal 3 (2010) is considered one of the best Action,Comedy movie in India and around the world.

After selling fake examination papers to students, Madhav, Laxman and Lucky re-locate to Goa, and not only get into verbal & physical confrontations with Gopal and Laxman, but also ruin their jet-ski and fire-works businesses. Feeling threatened, they inform their bus-driver father, Pritam, who goes to confront Gopal and Laxman, and finds out that their mother, Geeta P. Chopra, is his long-lost love. Gopal's girlfriend, Daboo, overhears their conversation, and gets them dramatically married - just in time as Pritam is heavily in debt and is about to be evicted by goons led by Raghav. Chaos and violent confrontations will become the order when he takes his children to live with Geeta, and the newly married couple may conclude that divorce may be the only solution to end their respective children's disputes.


Golmaal 3 (2010) Reviews

  • Worst movie of the year


    I am not against mindless entertainers (I love One Two Three), and I was able to enjoy some moments in the previous two editions, but this movie is a complete waste of time. None of the scenes are funny and there is just no coherence, all the characters are shouting at all times and going overboard. I got a bad headache after watching it, I am glad that I didn't have to pay to watch it. Clearly worst movies of the year doesn't even deserve a 1 star. There is hardly any plot and the incessant shouting and fighting and impromptu song sequences do not help in any way. My sincerest request to the director, please don't make a Golmaal 4 and please stop abusing the name of Hrishikesh Mukherjee's Golmaal!

  • No story, stretched out comedy


    Golmaal was great. Golmaal Returns was good. Rohit's next All The Best was alright. Golmaal 3 sucked hugely. Indeed, this film is not a sequel. The characters lost their history. Meh, at least you should have started with a completely new set of characters and cast. Or at least you should have renamed all the characters. The film has no story, the reason why it sucked I feel. It has more of physical comedy rather than verbal comedy unlike the previous two Golmaals. Thanks to the writers Farhad and Sajid? Rohit Shetty, you should start writing yourself for your films, because that is the reason for the success of your first two Golmaals. The first half, before the intermission was pretty good, despite a poor start. Expectations from the second half were more, but nothing such happened. Climax popped out of nowhere. Johnny Lever's character, Puppy was the saving grace. If you want to enjoy anything out of this movie, then you should keep your mind out when watching this film. The film didn't stay true to the line of the lyrics of the theme song "humne kiya tha jo waada nibhaya hai". Instead I'd say it was "tumne kiya tha jo waada nibhaya nahi."

  • Not up to expectations


    First Of all I agree with critics. According to me the first half is watchable second half I was looking towards the door for escaping out of cinema hall. The story of G-3 lacks twists n turns, gags are old fashioned. It looks like just an attempt to hit the festive market of India to get money and keep rolling. Second half lacks proper screen play, sound effects and slow motion during action sequences are boring. It looks like we are watching a 2 mins action for 10 mins that too monotonous action. Guys give me a break please have some level for throwing PJs, have a pinch of creativity to it. Best luck!!

  • What was Rohit Shetty thinking???


    Finally the much awaited Golmaal 3 released and not to my surprise it was really disappointing. Rohit Shetty might have given good comedies like Golmaal, and average comedies like Golmaal 2 and All The Best earlier, but this one was a complete let down. I should more simply put it this way that with every subsequent release, the quality of movies made by him are decreasing. There was nothing new to offer in this movie and all the jokes were old. As always, comedy in the movie was character based rather than situation based. What the director was offering was comedy which would make us laugh on characters that had something wrong with them like someone could not speak, someone stammered and someone forgot things(just like Aamir Khan from Ghajni) and there were no situations as such which made a person laugh. Even good actors like Ajay Devgan and Arshad Warsi could do nothing to save the really really weak script. As always in Rohit Shetty movies, there was a lot of noise, lot of commotion, an irritating Tushar Kapoor, some larger than life fight scenes, but no good humor this time round. Mithun Chakravarty for most part of the movie was just making painful funny faces that left one irritated. I am sure he would not want to do another movie which is even close to similar to this. The story of the movie was very predictable and I would not like to shed any light on that because that would be wasting your time. I should say that this movie did not even qualify for a brainless humor flick. For most part of the movie, everyone was fighting with each other as if they were 5th standard kids. In the end I would just want to say that by all means you should avoid this movie, and still if you are willing to see this movie, it would be on your own risk. And by the way this movie is not a sequel to the previous parts but more like an episode based on the same characters.

  • Gets you laughing or does it?


    I was not a big fan of the previously released Golmaal movies but since i heard some good reviews about this one i decided to go watch it and now its more a dilemma. The movie has no proper storyline and somehow the director Rohit manages to bring all the characters together and get them dancing. Ajay devgnn like always has a larger than life appearance with his smashing entries. Mithun da was exceptional and really liked him moving his body. Shreyas was pretty OK though he seemed to try very hard to make you laugh. Arshad like always has his cheesy lines. Tushar was not very impressive and kunal hardly has much to do than listen to "Shut Up Laxman" The movie will definitely make you laugh but makes you wonder is this what a comedy flick is about? Comical masala by Jhonny lever and Vasooli bhai was appreciable and also the periodic humor added by the police offer. Kareena was very impressive and in a way gave strong support to devgann. Its not a total waste of time but i guess the director has just took the fans for granted. If you can neglect all the flaws and the major one being it has no plot you can really enjoy the movie and laugh out loud!


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