From Friend to Fiance (2019) - Part 1/2 II Hallmark Movies
From Friend to Fiancé

From Friend to Fiancé

GENRES Romance TV Movie
LANG other
TIME 2019
Jocelyn Hudon Ryan Paevey Kelly Kruger Derek McGrath
Andrew Cymek


From Friend to Fiancé is a other movie. Andrew Cymek has directed this movie. Jocelyn Hudon,Ryan Paevey,Kelly Kruger,Derek McGrath are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. From Friend to Fiancé is considered one of the best Romance,TV Movie movie in India and around the world.

Jess Parks (Hudon) has a good job, great friends and a cool apartment in the city. She has it all, except the ability to find her perfect match that would appreciate her quirky humor and outgoing nature. The only person that ever truly understood Jess is her lifelong Best Friend Ted (Paevey). Jess and Ted grew up together as neighbors in the suburbs and were inseparable. When Ted reveals to Jess that he’s getting married and asks her to be his Best Man, or in this case Best Woman at his wedding, Jess is happy until she finds out that he’s marrying her high school rival and mean girl Kimberly Kentwood (Kruger). As Jess and Ted spend time together planning his big day, Jess realizes that her perfect match has been Ted all the time but is it too late to be his BFF bride?


From Friend to Fiancé Reviews

  • watch a rerun instead

    ronbokirk 2019-05-26

    How can you call it a romance when it has absolutely no passion, no "spark", no chemistry, and is a really dumb story. The actors did good work and the girls were pretty. I prefer a rerun of a REAL Hallmark romance.

  • Poor acting and writing

    texasteacher98 2019-05-26

    I love Hallmark movies. I don't mind the predictable plot lines. The acting can sometimes be mediocre, but this movie takes the cake. The script sounds like it came from a high school theater class, and the actors deliver the lines they also came from high school theater. The lead male character has done other movies and was not this bad. Unfortunately, he didn't have much to work with. I couldn't even handle finishing this movie. Maybe it got better towards the end.

  • It's cute!

    victoriabearman 2019-05-26

    Despite the other reviews, it's a cute movie. Hallmark movies aren't for provoking serious thought and everyone that watches these types of movies knows this. We know we are getting a happy ending in some form or another. That's why we watch these movies. There is no risk of being let down. That being said, there is not much chemistry between the wife to be and the lead Male. That part isnt very believable but if it were, we wouldn't want them to not work out, now would we? Anyway, it's a lighthearted movie and the lead female is adorable. It's worth a watch!

  • oh gracious.

    elliep-46475 2019-05-27

    This movie was a challenge to finish, as other reviewers have noted. I just can't do 'adorkable', which is what they were going for here (with Jocelyn Hudon's character, Jessica). I don't know about you, but it's tough to watch characters ramble on, fall down steps, and put their foot-in-their-mouth over and over again. I already do this in real life; I don't need to watch it a movie that is already resigned itself to being a purely escapist film. At each of Jessica's missteps I felt more than just uncomfortable. It was really, really difficult to watch. I did like that the writer's incorporated an older man who was a kind friend to Jessica. I just wish he, and all the other characters, did more than tell Jessica to 'follow her heart' in challenging moments in the film. She was questioning everything and was absolutely in crisis. Her best friend, the love of her life, was getting married and she had a gut-wrenching realization seemingly too late. Yet, no one seemed to truly empathize with her or do anything beyond slap-stick scheming. This film really missed the mark for me.

  • A familiar trope, but Hallmark mixes it up a bit (!)

    rebekahrox 2019-05-27

    I am amazed by the poor reviews this one has gotten so far! I thought this was one of the better Hallmarks. The lead actress, though not super-great was more than adequate. And Ryan Paevey is a big favorite with me. This also had some surprising elements to it that moved it out of the usual very predictable Hallmark template. First of all the rival of our heroine, Jess, who is set to marry Jess' best friend, Ted, was a high school mean-girl. As any Hallmark aficionado will predict, she will show her true colors, and prove herself to be the fiance from hell. Our heroine will rescue her buddy from her evil clutches at the last minute and win his love for herself.But no! She has actually changed and is now really nice, if a little suspicious of Jess. Her instincts were correct. Jess has decided she is in love with Ted. We are teased a few times that mean Kimberley is going to emerge from her clever phony facade. But No! It is actually Jess's stupid antics and non-stop lying to herself and others, that show Kimberley in a favorable and sympathetic light. It was getting to be the last 15 minutes of the movie, and I was cudgeling my brain as to how the writer was going to resolve this. It was shaping up to be another My Best Friend's Wedding, which I knew was impossible because, come on, Its HALLMARK! They managed it thanks to Kimberley, who, in a faster that the speed of light last minute epiphany realized that she was just marrying Ted to prove that she wasn't a mean girl anymore, and Ted realized that he wanted to marry Kimberley to prove he wasn't the fat nerd anymore. It was actually pretty neatly done. The other things I liked were the voice over narration at the beginning and the end, Ted's granny, Jess' elderly adviser, and the rest of the secondary characters. So Kudos, Hallmark, try to step outside the box more often!



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