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Floquet de Neu (2011)

Floquet de Neu (2011)

Claudia AbateJoan SullàPere PonceElsa Pataky
Andrés G. Schaer


Floquet de Neu (2011) is a Catalan,English movie. Andrés G. Schaer has directed this movie. Claudia Abate,Joan Sullà,Pere Ponce,Elsa Pataky are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2011. Floquet de Neu (2011) is considered one of the best Animation,Adventure,Comedy,Family movie in India and around the world.

Snowflake (Ariana Grande) is special. She's the only white gorilla in the world, and the zoo's main attraction. Children love her, but the other gorillas, Petunia (Jennette McCurdy), Elvis (Nathan Kress), and Anvil (Keith David), don't, because she's different. With the help of an eccentric red panda named Jenga (David Spade), Snowflake plans a secret mission to sneak out of the zoo and venture into the dangerous city to find the witch at the circus who can help her become a "normal" gorilla. Will Snowflake find the cure she's looking for, or realize that there's something more important than fitting in, being true to yourself?


Floquet de Neu (2011) Reviews

  • Bad and just pretty wierd in general (Warning: More of a rant than a review)


    This is probably the worst live action-CGI film I've ever watched, probably even worse than the Alvin and the Chipmunks films. My biggest problem was easily the mixing of live-action humans and backgrounds with animals that look like they belong in a fully animated film. The Happy Feet movies did this, but since the ratio of CGI to live action here is pretty much reversed so that it's almost entirely live action, save for the gorillas and Jenga, it's a lot worse. Plot holes are everywhere. For example, near the beginning, the scientist says Snowflake can only live with his family for five months-- after that she'll be too big. But after five months are said to have passed, she hasn't GROWN AT ALL!!!!! WTF?!?!?! The movie's lesson is pretty confusing. At first it seems to be that you can be anything you want to be-- hence Jenga the red panda sees himself as a cat. But after the climax, it changes to "embrace what you are". There are not one but two romantic subplots for some reason, them being the one between Snowflake and the male gorilla kid at the zoo and the other between the scientist's daughter and some boy from school with a crush on her. Although the latter was kind of amusing at best, the former was anything but necessary, as aside from one talk between Snowflake and her rather forced love interest, there was no time for much to develop between them. If anything, love between Snowflake and JENGA would have made more sense, because at least they had substantial screen time together. On a side note, the box art is extremely misleading, as it often is for bad kids movies. It depicts the CGI animal characters in a fully animated jungle, while the primary setting for the film is the live-action streets of Barcelona. So I could go on, but bottom line, this wastes David Spade's and Ariana Grande's vocal talents, among others and is worth avoiding.


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