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Feel Rich: Health Is the New Wealth (2017)

Feel Rich: Health Is the New Wealth (2017)

CommonJermaine DupriGameAfya Ibomu
Peter Spirer


Feel Rich: Health Is the New Wealth (2017) is a English movie. Peter Spirer has directed this movie. Common,Jermaine Dupri,Game,Afya Ibomu are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Feel Rich: Health Is the New Wealth (2017) is considered one of the best Documentary movie in India and around the world.

FEEL RICH: HEALTH IS THE NEW WEALTH documents the nascent self-love revolution emerging in urban communities. Narrated by Quincy Jones III, the film features interviews with iconic artists, producers, urban farmers and meditators who have made dramatic changes in their lives by opening themselves up to new ideas about what it means to be rich. Our audience will embark on a journey led by Common, The Game, Crystal Wall, Paul Wall, Fat Joe, Russell Simmons, Stic.Man, Afya Ibomu, Jermaine Dupri, Slim Thug, Styles P and the legendary Quincy Jones that provides unique context to the global health crisis in urban communities by offering a backstage pass into the hearts and minds of the hip hop elite.


Feel Rich: Health Is the New Wealth (2017) Reviews

  • Impactful Documentary


    This film does an excellent job of describing a growing problem in the urban community through the eyes of influential artists. It's great to see these artists talk passionately about their healthy lifestyles and not just about their money and fame. I'm hopeful that this Feel Rich movement will catch on and inform people of the value of eating healthy and exercising. This doc is a must see for fans of hip hop and pop culture and beyond!

  • No Drugs and Rock & Roll


    I left out the first part, because it has no relevance and it is not really discussed in the doumentary. But some may be confused that there has been a movement in the Rap/Hip Hop business to go healthy. But all the interviews point to why this is happening. All the good people the music business has lost and obviously for reasons that have to do with eating - in those cases as described - not healthy at all unfortunately. You get quite a few known performers, that are quite succesful or were in the past and they talk about the epiphanies they had. Not always as enticing I can imagine for many to listen to, but still mostly interesting overall. Don't watch it to see music being performed though. Maybe it also can change your mind when it comes to one of the most important parts of our lives ...


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