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Don't Worry Baby (2015)

Don't Worry Baby (2015)

John MagaroChristopher McDonaldDreama WalkerTom Lipinski
Julian Branciforte


Don't Worry Baby (2015) is a English movie. Julian Branciforte has directed this movie. John Magaro,Christopher McDonald,Dreama Walker,Tom Lipinski are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Don't Worry Baby (2015) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama movie in India and around the world.

Struggling photographer Robert (John Magaro) and his philandering father Harry (Christopher McDonald) realize that they both had a one-night stand with the same woman, Sara-Beth, in the same week. Years later, they realize that either one of them might be the biological father of her adorable four-year-old daughter. The two begrudgingly agree to share fatherly duties until the results of a paternity test come back, forcing the two to finally spend some time with each other.


Don't Worry Baby (2015) Reviews

  • Not at all what I was expecting.


    I saw this movie at the Beloit International Film Festival in Beloit, Wisconsin. It was the first of two movies I was going to see and had a vague idea of what to expect. I thought it was going to be some kind of raunchy comedy based on what I knew about the plot. I was completely wrong. This movie tugged at my heart strings on more than one occasion and did a great job of showing relationships between family and what the word family truly means. The cast was all terrific and the writing was really well done. At times, it felt like the comedy didn't always work, but when it did, it was terrific. Don't Worry Baby reminded me a lot of the movie Beginners in the way it was shot and made, but that's not a bad thing. It worked all the better for it. All in all, Don't Worry Baby found just the right mix of comedy and drama, had great chemistry between the leads and supporting cast, and was a beautifully shot movie. I'm hoping it gets a wide release so I can see it again and so all of you can enjoy it too. 8/10

  • Shaky Camera-work Makes It Unwatchable.


    I liked the way the story was going and seemed like I would enjoy the movie, however, The camera constantly shakes throughout the movie. In the beginning I tried to ignore the shaking. But the unsteady camera meant that I could not connect with the characters. Acting was fine, story may have been fine. The camera is so shaky that it makes Cloverfied appear to have been shot with a steady camera. Most of the shots are close and personal. So why the shaky camera? Surely, a tripod is not that expensive? The camera man is not having to run with the characters or anything like that. So what is the need for a shaky hand-held camera cinematography? I was compelled to stop watching after 20 minutes, which is a shame because every other aspect of this movie was probably good.

  • No one should go through with this torture


    The movie was absolutely gutter. Had no realistic sense to it. Characters were from walking dead. Movie is long for no reason at all. We have no idea why this movie is made and what is the point of this movie really? DO NOT... JUST D NOT WATCH THIS !!!!!!

  • Weak and Slow movie


    Is this movie worth watching? No. It's as dry as a bone. Characters are one-dimensional. There is nothing really positive about them. Just living, decaying, stagnating. No one is growing. It was terrible watching this movie. Kind of like torture. Everyone's negative, weak, selfish, underachieving and pathetic. Nothing is happening but that is *ok*. As long as characters and dialogue are sharp, it would have been passable. Unfortunately it is not. Skip is my opinion.

  • Interesting and meaningful Film


    "Don't Worry Baby" is a good rare film. We liked what we saw. It deals with family issues and personal matters that do not happen very often. The Lang Family owns a small school for preschoolers, and is run by a husband-wife dual (Miriam Lang and Robert Lang). They have a twenty- something son - Robert Lang which the story focuses on. On April of the prior year, Robert has sex with a girl (Sara Beth), "a quickie" as they say these days, but unknowing to Robert - so does his father Harry - but with the same girl (Sara Beth). She turns up 4 years later with a little girl, and she believes it belongs to Harry, but Robert remembers also, so he might be the father. In the 10 days they wait for the final results the film circles around the personalities and family situations around these characters, including Robert's extremely liberal roommate "Lenny". It is a good film because it shows us that we can be civilized even when confronting uncomfortable family situations that normally do not occur. Even the film ending is good. The acting is good, and we liked seeing new actors like John Magaro (whom plays the character of Robert Lang)that are not seen often on the big screen. The music, especially the song "Water and Wine" in the ending is pretty song. We even included it on our new Love Lives Forever Series Book for 2017. The Film was made in 2015, but generally released on 2016. The Film is rated R, and does mention the F word only about twice in the film.


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