Die kleine Hexe (2018)

Die kleine Hexe (2018)

Karoline HerfurthAxel PrahlLuis VorbachMomo Beier
Mike Schaerer


Die kleine Hexe (2018) is a German movie. Mike Schaerer has directed this movie. Karoline Herfurth,Axel Prahl,Luis Vorbach,Momo Beier are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Die kleine Hexe (2018) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama,Family,Fantasy movie in India and around the world.

A wee witch of 'only' 147 years dreams of joining the Bloxberg coven and sneaks into its annual festival to dance, but is caught. She opts for a punishment with perspective: she may take the admission text next year if she has learned all the spells from the huge magic book. However a hostile witch, appointed by the chief witch to supervise her all year, observes her break the ban on magic on Fridays and befriended two kids of the despised human race. Having learned the spells and practices many, she still turns up for her test, which turns ugly for all.


Die kleine Hexe (2018) Reviews

  • Excellent movie, excellent acting


    If you don't know this, the writer of the book is famous in Germany /Europe. The book of the little witch is famous in Europe and may be also in the US. However, this movie -a Swiss German production - is great, I really enjoyed it and Karoline Herfurth is close to brilliant in the role of the little witch and Swiss Mike Schaerer is really excellent in directing the film. The settings are enchanting, CGI is very good but not perfect and if you look at Otfried Preu├čler's message at the end of the movie, I found it is not only for kids. Enjoyable movie for the whole family.

  • A fairy tale, pure and simple


    In 1984 I saw this movie called Neverending Story. Goofy puppets, the simple story of good vs evil and the added bonus of a child reading the tale and getting caught up in it. I thought it was different than other movies that I was watching at the time and only later I found out it wasn't an American film, but a German one. I loved that movie and in the same positive sense, Die Kleine Hexe is just as goofy and simple and perfect for the telling of a fairy (or in this case, witch) tale. The characters are a relatively young witch and her raven familiar breaking tradition from the old and nasty witches that are her seniors. Good vs bad witches, magic done just for fun, talking animatronic animals, what else do you need? Not a perfect film by any means, but a fun and entertaining children's story. I liked it.

  • Perfect magical entertainment with heart, suspense and a great message


    I absolutely loved this movie. Whether you are a fan of the stories of Preussler, or whether you enjoy fantasy, this movie is a delight. It combines the magical imagery of The neverending story with the supernatural thrill of We are the night (also featuring the charming, talented Karoline Herfurth) and the affectionately animated raven even raised memories of the Augsburger Puppenkiste (another source of dear childhood memories) for me. And not only does it have wonderful set decorations, landscapes, a lot of heart and magical suspense (even a little bit of action if you will), it has a very important message for children and adults alike: while in the world today in general evil, ruthless people are the ones to get ahead and good people are the ones who suffer, the little witch defies those conventions and advocates justice by helping good people and stopping/punishing the bad ones. Way to go (little witch and German film-making).

  • Enchanting family movie


    Old world charm in this magical story of what it means to be good and evil always lose. Great cinematography, great acting , wonderful music. Fun for the family.

  • Fab Family Movie


    Just watched this with my 11 yr old and we loved it! Loved the characters and the set was just full of so much to see. Cgi was pretty good and special effects makeup was spot on. I would actually be happy to sit through this again without moaning about it!

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