Detective Chinatown 3 (2021)

Detective Chinatown 3 (2021)

Baoqiang WangHaoran LiuSatoshi TsumabukiTony Jaa
Sicheng Chen


Detective Chinatown 3 (2021) is a Chinese,Mandarin,English,Japanese movie. Sicheng Chen has directed this movie. Baoqiang Wang,Haoran Liu,Satoshi Tsumabuki,Tony Jaa are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2021. Detective Chinatown 3 (2021) is considered one of the best Action,Adventure,Comedy,Mystery movie in India and around the world.

A major crime occurs in Tokyo when detectives Tang Ren and Qin Feng are invited to investigate the crime. A battle between the strongest detectives in Asia is about to break out with bursts of laughter.

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