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Demon House (2019)

Demon House (2019)

Zak BagansAdam AhlbrandtMatthew MourgidesBarry Taff
Zak Bagans


Demon House (2019) is a English movie. Zak Bagans has directed this movie. Zak Bagans,Adam Ahlbrandt,Matthew Mourgides,Barry Taff are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. Demon House (2019) is considered one of the best Documentary,Horror,Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

The story takes place with doing a docudrama about the home he purchased in Gary, Indiana. He convinces a couple of previous tenants to come back and discuss their accounts of the frightening ordeals that they endured during their stay at the home. A woman becomes possessed and begins speaking in tongues. Following the extreme amount of activity documented, production had to be halted, but the movie has been finished one year later and, boy, are you in for one edge of your seat demonic thrill ride.


Demon House (2019) Reviews

  • More shills than genuine reviews


    I liked the sound of this movie. It was rated 6 on IMDB so I figured I'd check out the reviews. I gave up after wading through a mess of 10/10 reviews, comprising of adjectives a 10 year old would use. And the clincher, nearly all of these 'reviews' are by people who have never reviewed anything else. Listen, when a film company decides to pay a lot of people to make it sound like Citizen Kane on IMDB, then the movie gets a one star rating from me and two fingers for the pathetic sounding shills you've employed.

  • Talk about a director with self-esteem issues.


    Here's a tip, when you're buying fake reviews for your crap documentary it's not a smart idea to have them all gush praise and reverence for the director over and over and over. Seriously, whatever fake PR firm you used to write these reviews laid it on way too thick. Learn a little subtlety. Wow.

  • Sorry but I must call BS


    It's funny but I just created this account today to actually call BS when I see. I have used imdb for years (without an account) getting great real life reviews from good movie critics. But I'm sorry, when 95% of the 10/10 reviews are from people (maybe like me, but I highly doubt it) who have only been on imdb for just a couple of weeks and have only reviewed this one movie. Not to mention that all the reviews are just three or four lines. Does that not feel like maybe the same person with multiple accounts? Come on guys. This movie is nowhere near a 10/10 if the scale only goes to 10, then 10 should be academy award films. Yes, no, maybe? Please all I ask is critics be honest and promoters do it somewhere else. This movie is ok if you are into off scene action, reenactments, and general horror type films. You are not however going to find any hard evidence one way or another. If you are looking for that, save yourself some time and look somewhere else. The movie does have its on style of character but it really does fill like a 95 minute TV episode. I hope this may help anyone really looking for an honest opinion.

  • Even the narrator can't be bothered


    This is just one episode of those tv shows that go into houses "hunting" ghosts pretending to be a movie. It's so moronic that I started laughing at it. It's the Birdemic of documentaries. It's long boring stupidity pontified by momments that are so bad you'll laugh out loud.

  • 199% BS


    Unless you are a true paranormal believer and buy everything you hear/see on tv this documentary is going to make you laugh it's so over the top. Of course nothing extraordinary is caught on tape... all of the freakiest things were done via reenactments. Bagans is more pompous than ever yelling at everyone-bossing them around (par for the course if you have seen his history channel show Ghost Adventures). You truly have to believe or want to believe what you're viewing is "real" which I'm sure his fan base will buy hook line & sinker. But to the group of us who watched with an open mind...we had quite the laugh at just how over the top this is. It's not a documentary it's a scripted movie designed to do one thing- OK two things; Scare you for entertainment and put even more money into Bagans bank account.


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