Decay (2015)

Decay (2015)

Rob ZabreckyLisa HowardElisha YaffeJackie Hoffman
Joseph Wartnerchaney


Decay (2015) is a English movie. Joseph Wartnerchaney has directed this movie. Rob Zabrecky,Lisa Howard,Elisha Yaffe,Jackie Hoffman are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Decay (2015) is considered one of the best Drama,Horror,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Jonathan is a middle-aged grounds keeper at a local theme park and suffers from a debilitating case of OCD. One day, his daily routine is disrupted by a surprise visitor in his basement: a beautiful young woman who, through a jarring turn of events, ends up dead. Jonathan panics and chooses not to report the dead girl. Instead, he invites her to dinner. Jonathan is happy to have a friend, until the police start closing in, and his mind, and the body of the girl, begins to decay.


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Decay (2015) Reviews

  • A truly mesmerizing journey into loneliness


    This movie nailed it! I've watched it twice and plan to view it a third. The truly beautiful and tragic depiction of loneliness displayed in this movie is utterly heartbreaking. Mad props to the filmmakers and cast for their engrossing telling of this story. Don't listen to the others wanting "junk food" from their movies. This is a grown-up movie for intelligent adults. Thank you for having the courage to give us a glimpse into a truly troubled mind. But most of all thank you for not submitting us to the tropes of other so-called "horror movies". Sometimes there is more horror, pain and loneliness in ones own subconscious than a stupid CG monster jumping out of the bushes.

  • Original Film with Horror Entwined with Drama


    Two teenage girls break in the house of Jonathan (Rob Zabrecky) expecting to find marijuana in his greenhouse in the basement. However Jonathan returns from his work and surprises Katlyn (Hannah Barron) that is in the top of a ladder. She startles, falls on the floor and dies. When her friend sees Katlyn dead, she believes Jonathan has killed Katlyn and runs to the street. She is hit by a car and also dies. Jonathan is a lonely obsessive, compulsive and psychotic man that collects keys and has cleaning compulsion. His mother (Lisa Howard) also suffered from OCD and raised him with the same paranoia. His only friends are his neighbor (Jackie Hoffman) that helps him at home and the security guard (Elisha Yaffe) in the closed amusement park where he works as janitor. Jonathan does not report the incident to the police; instead, he decides to keep the beautiful Katlyn in the bathtub with ice and she becomes his girlfriend. He has dinner with her, baths her, until the day her body begins to decay. What will Jonathan do? "Decay" is an original film with horror entwined with drama. The screenplay is well-written, exploring and explaining Jonathan's disorder. The cinematography is magnificent and the scene with the close of the flowers is amazing. The slow pace is necessary to show the journey to the damaged mind of Jonathan and sometimes is tiresome. The conclusion with his imaginary friend is totally unexpected and shows how dysfunctional Jonathan is. My vote is six. Title (Brazil): Not Available

  • Underneath troubled surfaces...


    When I sat down to watch "Decay", I must admit that I had hoped for a bit more weight on the horror aspect of the movie, since it is labeled as a drama / horror / thriller here on IMDb. So while the lack of horror to the movie was a bit disappointing, I will say that this was more of a thriller than it was a horror movie. With that being said, don't get me wrong here, as I am not saying that "Decay" is not a good or enjoyable movie. Quite the contrary. It is actually a rather interesting and offbeat movie, one that differentiates itself from so many other movies in the horror genre. And that was a nice change of pace. So the lack of horror elements faded in lieu of the storyline and the drama of the story. It is a combination of the morbid storyline and the characters in the movie that make "Decay" interesting. In particular the Jonathan character, because he was so odd and unique. "Decay" is a movie that is driven by a strong and detailed storyline. This storyline has lots of backstory to it and many subtle details which really helps to build the characters and the events in the movie. While the cast ensemble is relatively sparse in "Decay", there is an additional pressure on the performers in order to carry the movie. And I will say that the actors and actresses they had gotten together for this movie carried the movie quite well. Especially Rob Zabrecky in the role of Jonathan was really outstanding in his performance of this quirky and odd character. And with the traumatic upbringing and troubled childhood that you see glimpses and flashbacks to Jonathans childhood with his abusive mother, no wonder that Jonathan turned into such a troubled man. The music score of the movie is somewhat offbeat, but it really matches the movie and it compliments the movie quite well. There is some upbeat and almost comical music set against the somber backdrop of the movie, which just heightened the sense of bizarre and absurdity of the story. There is also some very subtle and sort of disturbing music that creeps and settles in the back of your head as you watch the movie. The effects in "Decay" were actually quite good, taking the premise of the movie into consideration. And the gradual decay of the corpse friend of Jonathan was rather impressive and looked quite realistic. These kinds of attention to detail is always a boost for a movie. Director Joseph Wartnerchaney makes use of an abundance of visual impressions throughout the movie, by means of glimpses and imagery. Some of these visuals don't always make much sense, so some of what the director was trying to instill with these images was lost in translation. Now, it should be said that "Decay" might be somewhat slow paced and uneventful for some viewers, depending on what you are expecting from the movie and your preference of movies within the horror genre. I was genuinely entertained by the pacing of the movie as per set up by director and writer Joseph Wartnerchaney. "Decay" proved to be a different and somewhat interesting movie, although it veered quite far from what I had initially hoped for. But it is still an enjoyable movie and a watchable movie. However, I doubt that this is the type of movie that you will actually watch more than a single time.

  • Heavy in symbolism Decay is a winner!


    Decay is one of the most fascinating movies I've see in years. This movie is a character study. And a great one at that. The film is perfectly cast and the direction is pitch perfect. Within each scene lays deep caverns of unspoken information depicted through the art direction, cinematography, and performance. The symbolism throughout is utterly amazing!! Upon a second viewing, I have discovered a far more in-depth understanding of the intricate scenes that have been delicately crafted. These scenes paint patterns of the main characters (Jonathan) life and tell a truly tragic tail. I absolutely loved it!

  • Bit slow for my taste


    The movie has some very good acting . It is also very beautifully presented giving it a psychedelic feel in many scenes . It makes a good effort in developing the character. The problem is that it moves very slowly for my taste. The thrill element is also missing. I feel that this may be liked by people who like contemplative style of narration. It makes a good effort of the motivation of the character but provide little logic on why does he do the things he does . Interesting idea to begin with i.e exploring the loneliness , child abuse. Average story . Good acting by main and supporting cast specially the friend who is quite funny. Good direction.


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