Dark Chocolate (2016)

Dark Chocolate (2016)

Mahima ChaudhryRiya SenRajesh SharmaMumtaz SorcarShataf FigarIndrasish Roy
Agnidev Chatterjee


Dark Chocolate (2016) is a Bengali movie. Agnidev Chatterjee has directed this movie. Mahima Chaudhry,Riya Sen,Rajesh Sharma,Mumtaz Sorcar,Shataf Figar,Indrasish Roy are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Dark Chocolate (2016) is considered one of the best Drama,Mystery movie in India and around the world.

At the behest of the Mumbai police commissioner, an enquiry is ordered into a missing person case. Soon after Ram Charan (Rajesh Sharma) is arrested, on interrogation, he spills the beans about his employer Ishani Banerjee`s (Mahima Chowdhury) diabolical plan to eliminate her own sister. The very next day, based on Ram Charan`s confession, Ishani Banerjee is arrested from her apartment, and on their joint testimony, her second husband, Shadab Kapoor is picked up from Kolkata and flown to Mumbai.The court grants them judicial custody till the end of the month and all three are brought to Khar police station and thus begins their separate interrogation to find out the truth behind the gruesome murder. In a Rashomon effect we see the various versions of the same crime, along with flashbacks to the actual motive behind the killing by the three accused. The secrets keep coming out, one after the other, most of which shock the seasoned investigating officers.Ishani`s early days in Guwahati, her molestation at the hand of her step father, her elopement with her boy friend to Kolkata and betrayal, her marriage to the mentally deranged Goutam Das, her marriage to her Second husband, Shadab Kapoor, his downfall over a short period of time, her introduction to the elite Kolkata social circle and finally Victor Banerjee. Soon after, Ishani`s moving to Mumbai, Ishani has a meteoric rise to becoming one of the high priestess of broadcasting, wife of media baron, Victor Banerjee.Everything was sailing smoothly, till the time Reena (Ria Sen) enters their life. Ishani introduces Reena as her sister to Victor, much to the dismay of Reena. After a few months Ishani realizes her mistake as she feels Reena slowly getting the upper hand in the family, as she begins to play both the father and son as suckers. All hell breaks loose when Ishani comes to know that Reena is pregnant. Who was the father? Did Victor come to know that Reena was actually Ishani`s daughter? Who was Reena`s father? Was Reena blackmailing Victor? Why was Rohit, Victor`s son wanting to marry Reena? Was Reena offered a huge sum of the money-laundering amount?Reena was killed on August 24th 2015, strangulated to death. There were three versions as to who killed her and who all were accomplices. But what was the motive? And who all were to gain from her death. Was it just the family, or were there people in position of power involved. Why was the commissioner of police transferred? Was Victor Banerjee really innocent? What happened to 170 million dollars invested in the sky media group? Where did the money disappear? Why was the money trail never a part of the main investigation? Can a mother really kill her own daughter?


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