BoBoiBoy: The Movie (2016)

BoBoiBoy: The Movie (2016)

Nur Sarah AlisyaAnas Abdul AzizKevin Adrian BarnabySu Ling Chan
Nizam Razak


BoBoiBoy: The Movie (2016) is a Malay movie. Nizam Razak has directed this movie. Nur Sarah Alisya,Anas Abdul Aziz,Kevin Adrian Barnaby,Su Ling Chan are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. BoBoiBoy: The Movie (2016) is considered one of the best Animation,Action,Comedy,Sci-Fi movie in India and around the world.

A group of alien treasure hunters named The Tengkotak has arrived on earth and kidnapped Ochobot in order to use him to locate an ancient and powerful Power Sphere hiding on earth. BoBoiBoy and his super friends must now race against time to save Ochobot and uncover the secrets behind the Sfera Kuasa. Their journey will take them on an adventure filled with action, comedy, and beautiful locales.


BoBoiBoy: The Movie (2016) Reviews

  • Boboiboy The Movie


    + amazing action + Graphical really sharp and excellent. + funny? nope... it's really funny and always make you smile + best character design and landscape + story line is so amazing, you can't guess what wanna happen in movie + too much fun, and always make you entertain with it + from first plot, till the end.. make you can't blink your eyes.. amazing movie.. no spoiler here, just wanna tell you, this animation is really amazing.. go watch it.. When i watch it, i say wow and wow... so awesome amazing, superb movie..

  • Forget for being adult... Just let it all out


    As adult you might think twice to watch some animation movie. But this movie will change how you review animation movie in future. I personally feel a shame for being hypocrite in front the kid audiences for trying to restrain myself from express the joy and excitement during watching it. The story line just keep incline from the start and as if there will be no ending on the excitement that you will get from it. Pack with 'Malaysia Puchline', dramatic fighting scenes and kick at the melancholy scene. It bring back the memory how we feel to cry, to laugh even to fight for the cartoon character that we love so much during our childhood. And it is not over praise if saying this movie is better than DreamWorks Animation movie. It won't able to fight with the technology and 3D details but surely it suppress 'Kungfu Panda 3' in term of the satisfaction you get from watching a movie.

  • It's good, go watch it.


    Boboiboy the movie is definitely a huge step for our country's animation industry. This is obviously not just targeted for kids because the some of the dialog is mature enough for adults to laugh out loud while kids may just look at their parents and wondering what just happened to their beloved papa and mama. The flaws is forgivable due to overall strong, solidly made movie. The characters are well developed and well written but sometimes their dialogue is..unnatural. What papazola said during the entire movie was very natural but characters like ying, yaya and even boboiboy himself sounds..cliché. But it doesn't ruin the movie, its a very minor flaw. Like i said earlier, go watch and support this movie for being a definition of improvement in animation industry and make sure they get enough support to do another one. And another one. And another one.

  • Another quality product from Animonsta


    I watched this movie with my two kids (1 and 4 y.o.). The quality of this animation is considered international level. People wouldn't believe that it is produced by Malaysian youths. I think that the storyline was good and packed with actions because when I was a kid, I used to like the action parts when watching superhero movies and my kids did enjoy all the action parts in this animation. I do hope that the international version (if available) will be as good as the local one (in Malay language) in order to keep the originality of the storyline (e.g.: funny and kids friendly). In this release, I've watched a lot of new powers and tricks by BoboiBoy and friends. I'm sure that people are expecting more new actions in the next release. I do believe that the production team can keep with this expectation in the next release. Keep up the good work!

  • Worth the money


    I just watched Boboiboy The Movie this morning. Worth the money. Malaysian animation industry has improves a lot. Kudos to the team who made this film a reality. The final battle scene is so darn epic I felt like clapping but I would embarrassed myself if I were to do that as an adult inside a hall packed with children LOL. The scores & music matched well with the storyboard. Watching this film is like seeing Naruto, Dragon Ball, Power Rangers, Transformer and Iron Man combined. Bravo Animonsta! On another note, I wished I didn't watched the sneak peek of this film on the TV. I would have made the whole experience much more original/raw.


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