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Base (2017)

Base (2017)

Carlos Pedro BriceñoJulie DrayAlexander PolliRiquier Vincendeau-Verbraeken
Richard Parry


Base (2017) is a English movie. Richard Parry has directed this movie. Carlos Pedro Briceño,Julie Dray,Alexander Polli,Riquier Vincendeau-Verbraeken are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Base (2017) is considered one of the best Action,Drama,Mystery movie in India and around the world.

Only two kinds of people step off a cliff: those who want to die and those who want to live. J.C. is a B.A.S.E. jumper, a global playboy who lives his life quite literally on the edge, pursuing man's greatest dream - to fly. When a jump goes wrong, that dream is violently shattered. Haunted by the event, J.C. is drawn to his best friend's lover, ASH (Julie Dray), as he pushes himself harder than ever before - flying lower, closer, faster and recording every moment on film.


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Base (2017) Reviews

  • Real life footage - shows you the reality of this sport;


    This was a good film. It lets non-jumpers a glimpse of what's like to be a jumper. It shows the truth and reality of this sport. I won't spoil anything that happens in the story, so you'll need to watch it to find out. Watch it - you'll remember this film.

  • Um???


    It's probably going to be difficult to get honest reviews about this piece of film. The reviews that are on this site more likely than not have been written by fans of the base jumper. The tragic death of Alexander Polli does make it difficult but this is a site devoted to movies, this is trying (at least in part) to be a movie, thus it deserves a review. First , it's my opinion that one unfortunate byproduct of technology is the fact that anyone can afford to buy a camera and anyone can try to make a movie. Well, just like everyone thinks he or she to be a comedian/comedienne and clearly this is never the case and most people should leave humour to the professionals or to family holiday performances. The same can be said about film making. Just because cameras are easy to get and use does not make the owner or the holder of a camera a film maker. Take out the jumping footage and what's left is an elementary school attempt at film making. Could have been a decent documentary or had they gone a different route , a writer could have been hired to draft a script.

  • Very well done


    It's hard to pull these action sports movies off and this director managed to do it almost exclusively with GoPros. And the soundtrack was dope too.

  • Very well made


    The acting is convincing, cinema photography is fab, but what made this film is most interesting, it was shot on a Gopro, the overall affect is very effective.

  • Beware


    I found this film to be reprehensible, The Author/Editor seems to have used the death of his best friend to line his pockets. Some people would say this had to be done to show the reality of the sport but there is no excuse to show his mother crying at his funeral. A funeral that the author didn't bother to show up for. Please watch this film if you want to ruin your night.


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