Bad Actress

Bad Actress

Debra Cohen J.J. Crowne Jean Pierre Da Silva Alexa DeCarlo

Bad Actress is a movie. N/A has directed this movie. Debra Cohen,J.J. Crowne,Jean Pierre Da Silva,Alexa DeCarlo are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Bad Actress is considered one of the best movie in India and around the world.

A Latin socialite decides to become the anti Sophia Vergara. As we watch her whirlwind of destruction take down everyone and everything in her wake as she makes Scarface look like a family movie. As the reign of destruction and the dust clears, we see our heroine in her first audition as "She Kills It".

Bad Actress Reviews

  • A waste of time

    m_s66 2017-11-10

    The thought that crossed my mind at the start was that the producers had assembled a cast for a porno but later changed their minds to make a serious movie instead. Suffice to say, it is terrible, but I somehow watched to the end. The "funniest" part of the movie for me was when Valentina and her fiancé get robbed by the priest officiating their wedding (I let out a little chuckle). Badly written, edited and directed, the movie is a mess from start to finish. I think it could have been better though. The lead is literally a bad actress but she is attractive, all the other characters were not really terrible -some might even find Dick Strong from WTF News funny- and it didn't seem the budget was extremely low but overall it's seems like a lazy piece of work and I think a waste of time to watch. I'll be very generous and give it a three.



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