Amy Schumer: Growing

Amy Schumer: Growing

LANG English
TIME 2019
Amy Schumer


Amy Schumer: Growing is a English movie. N/A has directed this movie. Amy Schumer are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. Amy Schumer: Growing is considered one of the best Comedy movie in India and around the world.

Amy Schumer's live stand-up set performed in Chicago where she jokes about marriage, pregnancy and personal growth.

Amy Schumer: Growing Reviews

  • Damn, this was a waste of my time

    victorsmallcarter-62480 2019-03-19

    I decide to not let the hate she is getting influence my opinion. But too much is too much. How can someone be that unfunny, i'm pretty sure i didnt watch a comedy show but 1h30 of someone telling me how better she is then her audience. I don't understand how netflix let her have 2 comedy special, and weirdly i get the impression she repeat some joke i heard from someone else but less funny. But it could be just me

  • And again....

    the_zombiehunter 2019-03-20

    Netflix is still pretending that she is funny. The woman that made them scrap the rating system and messed up their algorithms just because they couldn't accept that she isn't funny.

  • Who are these people laughing at those tampon jokes?

    thanosisright 2019-03-19

    Seriously I want to know. She is making the same jokes special after special there are these people laughing. This is an insult to comedy. I always try to give her a chance that she might surprise me. I am stupider than her audience I guess.

  • Pretty Bad

    danocaster 2019-03-19

    Amy Schumer's new netflix concert is out and on the positive note it's much better than her last horrible one. You know, the one where she wore a leather outfit and talked about her smelly feminine organs. She's pregnant now and more or less talks about that subject for the whole hour. Some of her observations are pretty funny, especially early on. But after a while it just gets OLD. Even the crowd gets quiet at times, like they're hoping dearly for anything to laugh at. I have nothing against Amy as a comedian but God, what a long boring show.

  • First Half An Improvement, Second Half An Abomination

    Fiahm 2019-03-19

    I know there's going to be an almost unending run of one-star reviews here, just because it's fun to trash Amy Schumer, but the first half of this is actually an improvement over her last special. Schumer clearly has some comedic skills - whether, like so many of her past jokes, they've all have been stolen from other people, I don't know (there ARE a bunch of postures and facial expressions in this one she seems to have lifted wholesale from Louis CK). I think the problem is they are not in service to anything - she herself has nothing of any real interest, novelty or depth to say. The subject matter never once leaves herself, and generally just tends to return to the familiarly lazy remarks on her own slobbishness, guaranteed to arouse whooping 'you go girl's from her bovine crowd. There's not very many jokes, as such, and the ones there are aren't very funny. The second half is where it really nosedives and she gets into her cringey NPC feminist talking points. Without her awful, awful, awful politics shoehorned in, this would have been a solid 4: poor but not irredeemable. But with them, she ruins any goodwill or willingness to hear her out, and so the whole special itself. TLDR: I guarantee you will not laugh once.



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