A Daughter's Deception

A Daughter's Deception

GENRES Thriller
LANG english
Rusty Joiner Jade Harlow Dan Gauthier Jordan James Smith
Devon Downs, Kenny Gage

A Daughter's Deception is a english movie. Devon Downs, Kenny Gage has directed this movie. Rusty Joiner,Jade Harlow,Dan Gauthier,Jordan James Smith are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. A Daughter's Deception is considered one of the best Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Forced to give up her daughter for adoption when she's underage, Laura is thrilled to welcome her now adult daughter Bree back into her life. She quickly discovers that Bree is a sociopath with murderous tendencies and poses a clear and present danger to anyone who threatens to get in her way. Jade Harlow, Rusty Joiner, Kennedy Tucker, Skyler Wright, Ren Ashton, and Brian McGovern star.


A Daughter's Deception Reviews

  • This type of wacko is a first for Lifetime

    phd_travel 2019-03-28

    Girl fight! There is some serious punching between girls in this child given away for adoption thriller. One plus point is this particular wacko hasn't been done before. The natural daughter is jealous of her adopted sister so she pretends to be the adopted sister and ingratiates her way into the sister's birth mother's family. She does an assortment of wacko things that don't quite add up like beating up bullies and such. She does get rid of a few who are on to her. The cast is pleasant to look at and you want to see how things are resolved. Ok for one watch.

  • This was a pretty good one.

    pmtelefon 2019-03-24

    I watch a lot of Lifetime movies. They are usually pretty good. At least they are usually watchable. "A Daughter's Deception" was a pretty good one. It had a nice story that moved well. It was well played by an attractive cast. The story developed in ways I didn't see coming. Add in some nice Lifetime style sexiness and I was quite satisfied with "A Daughter's Deception". Anyone else up for a Part 2?

  • Highly Enjoyable!!

    kyleallencole9 2019-04-25

    Most of these type of films use the same plot with someone coming into a family's and turning it into a nightmare. This one adds a twist to that certain plotline. Good acting as well

  • Usual Lifetime Predictable Plot

    RiskeyD 2019-04-26

    Pretty gruesome for a pro-life screed. "You gave me the one thing I will always be grateful for... a life!" Even though it cost the murder of both your parents, your husband's co-worker, and a police detective. Oh, and the deserved beating of a school bully. She could have spared us all two hours and just killed her stepsister. Reviewers who found the plot twist surprising haven't seen many Mar Vista productions.

  • Good Performances, Lazy Script

    jcgoodwin2 2019-05-21

    'A Daughter's Deception' has some decent moments and some very illogical ones. In a nutshell, a young woman calling herself Bree claims to be the long-lost daughter of our heroine Laura. Silly points: * Laura immediately believes the claim without proof. * Laura's nosy friend Gareth somehow, someway learns a big secret about Bree through "the Internet" (has she conveniently left this info online?). * Laura's younger daughter, Skylar, and a detective become super suspicious toward the end without much reason offered in the script. * Some of these contrived developments are just thrown into the story to make Bree lash out, which feels forced when they're not realistic. * Someone's status at the very end isn't the least bit believeable. With all that being said, the performances by Kennedy Tucker and Jade Harlow are excellent. Jade is great as the shaken, loving mother. Kennedy is a model who can actually act, and she plays the role of cocky psycho very well. The tale also includes an interesting twist that I certainly didn't see coming, though it seriously makes you wonder why one character didn't just target a certain someone else from the start. Overall, this remains watchable all throughout, if a little illogical at times.



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