300 Killers (2010)

300 Killers (2010)

Johnny AndrewsMatt JaissleSabastian LoveTierra Peterson
Matt Jaissle


300 Killers (2010) is a English movie. Matt Jaissle has directed this movie. Johnny Andrews,Matt Jaissle,Sabastian Love,Tierra Peterson are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2010. 300 Killers (2010) is considered one of the best Action,Horror,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

In the near future, drugs and crime have risen 500%. A disintegrating police force is unable to deal with this horrifying problem. When an undercover cop (Anthony Tomei) disappears, his girlfriend (Tierra Peterson) and the chief of police (Johnny Andrews) take to the streets to fight crime their own way. Take a tour of a town gone mad. All victims of the bloodthirsty DRUG CULT!


300 Killers (2010) Reviews

  • Hilariously Bad


    Short and to the point; "300 Killers" is a good "bad movie". Bad acting, bad actors, bad action, bad suspense, bad script (near comical at times), bad dialogue (very comical), horrendous score,...and that's the beauty of it. "300 Killers" is for fans of B-Movies! Period! I enjoy all types of film; indie, from foreign, dramas, comedy on up to commercial blockbusters. Had I come into watching this expecting anything more than what it is, I would have easily given it 1 Star. I gave it 4. As a B-movie fan, I found myself rewinding parts, laughing in awe that someone had a budget (and balls) to make this. I swear most of the script and dialogue seems as it were improvised on the spot! (laughing). If you're a film snob, stay away!

  • God awful acting , and filming


    This is the worst movie I've seen in quite some time . You will never get back this wasted Hour and Fourteen minutes of your life . Do not waste your time . Skip this one !!!! One : The actors don't even try . Two : The filming is very amateur . Three : The kill scenes are a joke . Four : The plot is ridiculous ! Not even close to believable . I understand if this was a collage movie , but when i looked at the reviews on this movie it gave it 5.6 stars on here . So i figured i would help people out so they wouldn't be fooled like me and download this movie , just to be completely disappointed .

  • Must be watched in full don't bail out after think it's BAD


    First, I preface this review with the admission that I love low budget films. That said this is the single worst film ever on so many levels that it is a must for film lovers. Acting - Horrendous, Sound - Atrocious, Script (if there was one)- Awful. Photography...OK I give it a 2. But I have shown this to many other film lovers and we all agree that it contains the single worst line of dialogue in a movie ever. It is so badly delivered and so pointless that it is truly embarrassing because it is obvious that it was not intended to be campy or sarcastic. It is uttered by Chief Lomax near the much wished for end to this tale. I won't spoil it...see if you agree. Enjoy if you can.

  • "300 Killers" is good, solid, low-budget actioneer.


    "300 Killers", released Midnight Releasing concerns an unspecified city in the pacific northwest that has been taken over by some diabolical "drug cult". Crime, murder, and drug use have all risen 500%. The police seem unable to deal with the problem. Therefore, our heroes have to take matters into there own hands. This film, while obviously very low-budget has a few minor production flaws, but overall, delivers quite a bit of action and splashy "gore" effects. I was impressed with the camera-work and editing. The acting suffers in a few scenes, but the performers seem generally enthusiastic about what they're doing. I thought the film did a pretty good job of creating a general tone of suspense and anarchy. From the director of "The Necro Files", and "Back from Hell".

  • This will give you cancer


    I rated it as 1 so no one will be scammed in buying or downloading this movie. It has an amateur or maybe worst than an amateur approach which made e dizzy. I literally threw up when I watched this. First, they were talking about the crime rate rising to 500%. Then a couple of masked men tried to slaughter a couple of people and everything doesn't make sense. second, even if this was a "message movie", still the message is not obvious. And there are numerous ways to convey that message (if there was any) in a better way. third, I can't even recognize the genre of this movie, it is just gory, that's all but I wouldn't even categorize it as suspense thriller cause it didn't give me any. In general, this movie is just nauseating that wastes a lot of precious time


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