GENRES Short Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-Fi
LANG English
Jaleel White DJ Hazard Lauren Schacher
Eddie Lebron

Sonic is a English movie. Eddie Lebron has directed this movie. Jaleel White,DJ Hazard,Lauren Schacher are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. Sonic is considered one of the best Short | Action | Adventure | Fantasy | Sci-Fi movie in India and around the world.

On the distant planet of Mobius, all is peaceful. However, the days of the planet's peace are numbered when a man named Julian Kintobor, who now goes by Robotnik, declares himself ruler. Three months later, Robotnik has taken full control of Mobius. But although he thinks he has destroyed all animal life in the uncharted land of the South Island, one still remains, and that is Sonic the Hedgehog. Sick of the evil doctor's dark rule, he sets off, determined to restore freedom to his planet.


Sonic Reviews

  • Sonic's back!

    TyLee896 2013-03-13

    Back in 2010, Eddie lebron directed a cult Mega man fan film that stayed true to the game in every way. I even bought the DVD. Now, this time Eddie released a follow up entitled "Sonic." The Good: Great cgi work Great action sequences Good casting for dr. robotnick Great sonic model Decent acting Jaleel white is back as the voice of Sonic, Genius! No one can be sonic but Jaleel white! And he still sounds the same! And it stays true to the game, that's all that matters. The Bad: Too short, but that was only because they were on a budget, so they wanted to spend a little more time on the cgi and action sequences, and a little less time on the duration so that they had more money for the cgi. Overall, an absolutely flawless adaptation! If you were born with a sega genesis, like me, and you are a longtime sonic fan, then you will love this movie! FUN FACT: Yuri Naka (creator of sonic) praised this film, he tweeted "awesome." If the creator of the game likes, then you know it's good!

  • A Commendable effort

    Calvincjr91 2013-07-24

    making a sonic movie with no backing from a major studio backing must have been a logistical nightmare and yes there are better fan films (batman city of scars the first to come to mind) but i still think this film is worth you're time the film mixes plot lines from sonic sat-am and the sonic adventure games and while most video game movies do this to their disadvantage this movie feels a lot more natural and it immerses you in it's world pretty well Jaleel white does a pretty good job reprising his role of sonic and his acting is still on par with the video game voices the cast are pretty decent even though they don't get much time to appear and i wouldn't be upset with a sequel to see these guys in further detail and the cameos of James Rolfe ,doug walker and other internet celebrities while random did feel apt and wen't too forced most of the negative comments centre around the c.g.i which does leave a lot to be desired especially in the last act but i liked the c.g.i on the e-102 gammas and egg carriers and sonic is pretty good and lets face it c.g.i in Hollywood looks rubbish these days anyway and with the resources put to them makes an at least decent looking sonic sonic is one of my favourite games but even i can admit his games have fallen on hard times but i wouldn't include this film in the mix. most video game movies are made by out of touch film makers that have little to no knowledge of the source material this film does the complete opposite and delivers a movie that further makes me want to see more fan films including sequels to this and while the effects could be improved it delivers a solid experience

  • Robotnik was good, The music was good, and that's it.

    srudolf 2013-02-09

    This was a complete disaster of a short. The acting was mediocre at best and truly atrocious at worst. The special effects were alright, pretty good when it came to the robots but really bad when it came to movement (like sonic running around) and the explosions were pretty bad too. I understand that it's a independent production company but still. I actually did like where the story was going at first and wanted a little more back story on robotnik, then sonic showed up and everything went downhill from there. Sonic really doesn't belong in a human setting. I thought the actor playing robotnik had a decent performance compared to all of the others in this film. and I genuinely liked the music they used. Overall, it was a pretty bad movie.

  • Amazing fan film

    mariosonicbrady 2019-03-09

    The whole time it felt like I was watching a real movie, I wish it was longer but I indeed enjoyed it. even if the cgi is off remember it's not DreamWorks paramount, or any other billion dollar company so take it with a grain of salt. I love the cast and to see Jaleel White redo his Sonic voice was amazing. Robotnik felt genuinely evil but not on satam levels but it was still good. the only thing I would give this is make it a bit longer or make a second one this was very well made

  • Better than the 2019 one

    bazmitch23 2013-03-13

    When I saw this back in 2013, I hated it. But now with the new film coming out, Sonic and Robotnik look DREADFUL in it. But in this one, Sonic and Robotnik's designs are more true to the games. Whereas in the 2019 one, Sonic looks like a Care Bear and Robotnik is just typical Jim Carrey with a moustache. Yes the CGI, the acting and dialogue aren't great, but it at least feels like an actual Sonic movie. Robotnik's robots and ships are in it, despite this film's low budget. I would love to see a sequel to this short. Hopefully, Tails and Knuckles will be in it.



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